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Memorial Day – A Tribute to Purple Heart Recipient Odus Nelson

Growing up in the 1970’s, we lived in Lubbock, Texas for a number of years. My dad’s family was mainly around Brownwood and my mom’s around Dallas/Ft Worth. We drove to both sides of the family. Some of my mom’s side went past Dallas into Terrell and Quinlan. In those days, we hit the whole clan to be sure no one got their feelings hurt.

One of my favorite places was Greenville because of my Aunt Jo. Aunt Jo was the eldest of my mom’s mother’s (my grandma) group of brothers and sisters and by far the best cook. Aunt Jo was married to Oney Nelson or Uncle Oney to me. He was the closest thing to a grandfather on my mom’s side of the clan. Grandpa Ralston was dead and Grandpa Clark was off-limits due to his issues with firewater.

Oney did not talk a whole lot, could not read or write, and dipped enough snuff to knock out an elephant. He loved to hunt and fish and was the first person who taught me how to shoot a gun. I loved my time we spent in Greenville and the time Oney dedicated to making me happy.

Above his chair in the house was an official looking letter with a uniformed soldier on it. I had looked at it dozens of times and never inquired on it. One day out of the blue I wanted to know more, so I asked Oney. “Let me tell you about your Uncle Odus” Oney started. He preceded to tell me how Odus was his younger brother and that they were very close. While Oney was more of a live off the land person, Odus preferred the comforts that Emory, Texas could provide. The two boys lived with their Aunt in Emory and worked the farm as was the custom in those days. Oney was content to stay at the farm while Odus wanted more in life. It became apparent that the brothers had love and respect for one another.

As WWII was heating up, Odus went off and enlisted in the army on 4-2-1941. According to Oney, Odus did not agree with not getting involved and wanted to be a part of the war now. This was an area the brothers did not agree on – Oney felt as many did that the US need not be in a war beyond its borders. After Pearl Harbor, that thought process changed. Oney went to sign up for the service to follow his brother. The army rejected Oney as he was the only living brother, was married, and could not read & write. That was one of the few times Oney revealed a degree of embarrassment on his lack of ability. “Readin’s important” he would tell me.

Apparently Odus wrote to my Uncle Oney and Aunt Jo as often as he could. He sent back some trinkets for them. A hollowed out .32 caliber shell and a bill for 2 deutchemark. An antique .22 caliber pistol he found. I asked Oney  if he knew the division or battalion Odus was in, but he could not remember. He did remember the letter Aunt Jo read to him in the spring of 1944. Odus claimed there was something big going to happen that could end the war. That would be the last letter from Odus. Notice of Odus’ death came in November 1944 when his Purple Heart arrived. Odus had died in the charge on Normandy Beach. Oney told me he felt shoud have been there…

I had that conversation with Uncle Oney in the early 70’s. I tucked that memory away for years. Oney died in 1978. My Aunt Jo remarried a few years after until that husband died in the early part of 2000. In June 2004, my Aunt Jo died and left me executor of her will. It was not the first time I have had to do this, but it hopefully will be my last. You find out things when settling an estate about your relatives you really did not want to know. It was during this process that I can across some of Oney’s belongings and in them were some of Odus’s WWII items.

I cannot describe to you how excited, yet at the same time how woefully inadequate I felt when I came across Odus’s Purple Heart. I only knew of his name through my uncle’s stories at a time in my life when they did not hold the same profoundness as they do now.  Here is a man I never knew whose sacrifice made it possible for my parents to grow up and meet, fall in love, and end up having children with me being their firstborn.

For several years now, I have tried to get more information on Odus Nelson. I have no exact date of birth, no social security number, and no other living blood relatives to go visit. The Army or VA Services cannot release his service record to me for those same reasons. When my Aunt Jo died, there was a free for all by some other distant relatives that did a sortie on her house. I cannot find the letter Uncle Oney had over his chair, the letters Odus sent from overseas, or any pictures of Odus. If I did not have the medal, it would be almost as if he did not exist.

For someone who volunteered to join in to WWII ahead of the crowd and who died in the greatest wartime invasion for liberty known in history, that is flat-out unacceptable. If nothing else, this tribute that goes out to the blogosphere will immortalize this man. For now, that is the best I can do.

This article is dedicated to Purple Heart Recipient, Patriot, & Hero Odus Nelson. Born 1909 and died June 6, 1944 so that you & I can be free. God bless him and the other unknown Odus Nelson’s of the world

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The Obama Census Police

This past Tuesday a woman in Yuba City, California lost her life over the Obama Census. Yes, you read this correctly – a woman lost her life over the Obama Census. Read the full details:  Apparently Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin was not accustomed to having strangers knock on her door after dark. Neither am I. Come knocking on our door where I live after dark and you will be met with a 12 gauge or a .40 caliber. I live in a nice neighborhood and so did this woman – locale has nothing to do with protecting yourself and your property.

There is dispute about the precise time the census worker came to Roger-Vasselin’s door. The Census Bureau claim it was dusky around 8pm, the victim’s son claims it was dark around 9pm. I am siding with Roger-Vasselin here because the cops showed up around 10pm. According the Census Bureau, the worker had a gun aimed at her when Roger-Vasselin refused to answer questions. The worker called the police and then the cops came. If the cops are responding to what they perceive as a hostile situation, they don’t take an hour. The bottom line is that the census worker was not to have been knocking on doors after dark.

I have mixed emotions on the police. People have the right to protect themselves. The census worker was out late trespassing on private property and lucky she was not shot. I know the police have to respond on complaints, but the question I have is whether this census worker even had the right to call the police on the issue. I do not blame the police for doing their job, although I believe this was an over-reaction on their part. In the end, the death of Roger-Vasselin is squarely on the hands of the Census Bureau.

We had a little run in with Obama’s Census Police as well. I filled out the necessary info on the form when it came and sent it back. Well, I guess big brother did not like my “omissions” of info that is flat-out none of their beeswax. They had a man come to our home in the daytime. Carol answered the door and he began asking her questions. I came to the door to see what it was and he introduced himself as a census worker. Claimed my form never came in and they needed the information. I told him I had already sent it in. He then got indignant and stated something to the effect that it was never received. Hmm – I never got any return mail back on it. Was the fact I was campaigning for the Texas Senate and a strong advocate of State Rights and Nullification having any weight here? I asked the man to leave the form and I would re-fill it out and send it back in. It just so happens that I scanned my first one and if I had to do another one, I wanted to be darn sure they matched. At this point, he flat-out got hostile and used his admonishing father tone -“I’ll just mark it REFUSED“. Fine with me, Mr. Jerk. When he went to his mini van parked at the edge of my drive, he was there for a solid 10 minutes. I’m sure photographing and taking notes for the Obama Gestapo. I had just about enough of this dude and opened the door and started to walk out to his mini-van when he started it and left.

When Republican Senator Judd Gregg removed his name from consideration as commerce secretary last year that was a signal that something was afoot with the census issue. Gregg saw right then what Barry O wanted and refused to take part in an un-Constitutional power grab. Gregg is a patriot. Barry O is not.

Article 1 Section 2 of the constitution, which deals with the responsibilities of the house of representatives, spells out clearly who is responsible for the census: “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

 It is clear that the intent of the constitution was to designate the responsibility of census taking to the house of representatives. It is also clear that the founding fathers did not want the president of the United States to have too much power, which is why we have the three branches of government, the old checks and balances that the Democrats talked so much about over the last eight years.

Obama has no authority to oversee the census and is why I continue to use the term The Obama Census Police. Make no doubt about it – we are in a police state right now. The only argument is the degree of totalitarian weight Obama is using against the people. There is no Constitutional doctrine, theory, Article, or Amendment for fining people for either not completing the form or taking participation at all. The Constitution gives the House the right to conduct a census – it does not place a requirement on citizens participation. It is assumed citizens, not illegals, will participate. Until now, this has not been an issue. No other census has tried to pry into personal information not needed while at the same time ignoring the basis principle of verifying the citizenship of the very participant.

The administration should run the following commercial – “Participate in President Obama’s Census. Your very life may depend on it.” Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin’s life did.

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The Separation of Church and State

I need to get into the polling business. Apparently there are plenty of people who need to trash their money and enough folks willing to read the data.  I do my perusing and musings in the morning after the kids are off to school. Carol & I have our time to feed the animals, catch up on things, etc.

Lo and behold I come across the following today from the Texas Freedom Network that Texans back the separation of Church and State. . Now this does need to set up properly – I make it a point of going in and reading the liberal rags to see what the loons are cooking up. You do this once you run for public office and find your flesh being roasted daily by the oppositional kooks. Initially I was perusing the liberal nose rag The Burnt Orange Report and their current feasting of Republican CD 17 Candidate Bill Flores. Over in their promo corner I see this post and I have to check it out.

Wikipedia defines the Texas Freedom Network as “… a Texas organization formed to counter the Christian Right.”  No need to draw a roadmap here – they are loons. Now what’s funny is the polling organization, Greenberg Quinlin Rosner Research, is known for being affiliated with the Democrat Party ( Add these two toxic brews together and you get one heavily left leaning poll.

Now I have never claimed to be a Constitutional scholar, but I have read through the document. I have yet to find in the Preamble, The Bill of Rights, the body document or its Amendments to contain a provision for the separation of Church and State. It simply does not exist. When a review of a poll begins with the words “Large majorities of Texas voters believe separation of church and state is an important constitutional principle…” beware of the garbage to follow. So this “poll” contacted around 972 people – 601 likely voters (hmm Dems maybe?), supplemented with 219 likely voters age 18-29, and phone oversampling of 152 suburban/exurban likely voters. No age range on them. The last time I checked, 972 people no more represents a majority of Texas than 30000 people represent a Texas Senate District with nearly a million people. The point is that the poll is rigged to give the payor of the poll, Texas Freedom Network, the impression that Texans are fretting over the State Board of Educations recent battle over curriculum. We know the curriculum has passed, but is being challenged. We will have to push the Texas Legislature to keep the approved curriculum on the books – no pun intended. This poll is a joke as are the researchers behind it and Texas Freedom Network. Check it out for a solid laugh –

Those that left Europe and came to America did do so for various reasons and freedom of religion was certainly a key. However, they left because the Church was running the State in Europe. That has never been allowed to happen here. The last time I checked, neither the Pope or Protestant leaders harass Congress to have Churchs run the State. However, it is crystal clear from anyone that has the ability to read and comprehend that the Constitution was written with Judeo/Christian beliefs as the intertwining fabric of the document. Our Constitution was founded with the belief in God and that it should be a part of the State and its core structure. Unfortunately, conservatives have allowed the liberals to move religion out of the State and in doing so ushered in the moral decline of our great nation. We are still a conservative nation in majority and it is time to push this issue back our way.

I left my opinion of the TFN poll at the link in this blog. You might do the same to let them know there are people watching them.

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Barak Obama – the next Fidel Castro?

I had an opportunity to attend the Burleson TEA Party “Keep America Free” Town Hall Meeting today. Three of the 5 speakers were of Hispanic descent who had come here and become citizens. Two of the speakers, Dr. Irma Aguirre and Professor Juan Baldor, had come over from Cuba in the 1960’s shortly after the Castro ousted Batista.

It was interesting and at the same time a bit terrifying to hear the similarities between the then young, charismatic Castro and the accolades the American press heaps upon Obama. Castro was young, attractive from what I hear, articulate, envisioned “change”, and had gained support from countries other than his own to institute a new Cuba. Any of this sound a bit too close to home? The only difference is the similarities between Castro and Obama are that Castro walked in and took over; Obama was escorted in by his adoring entourage.

Castro immediately nationalized property and bank accounts upon his acceptance of power. He then set rates for wages to equalize (suppress) the flow of income between the people. Removal of weapons then came down the line with rationing of food and medicine (they called in nationalized healthcare). While TARP passed under Bush (something we need not forget), it was Obama who has nationalized our auto industry, banking, and insurance industry.

Dr. Baldor laid out an eery format used to overthrow Cuba that many believe is being used in the US. today. While I did not write down the entire sequence he used, I believe these 2 to be key: 1. Throw God out of everything; 2. Set the head of the state up as God to the people. Obama has done everything he can to denounce America as a Christian nation since taking office and there is no need for examples here. Obama has also set himself up to be more than the President of the US – he wants to be King of the World. There is no doubt that he is enamored with himself and his list of pseudo accomplishments. Instead of teaching children about our states and nation, Obama is trying to have kids sing him a song of praise. Any of you in the blogosphere taking notes?

Castro also saluted Obama for passing the Obamacare in spite of the majority of the American people being against it………

Obama is a manchild of the most dangerous nature and deserves to be placed near or alongside the destructive capacity of Castro. My concern is that if this joker is not ousted in 2012, will we be comparing him with Hitler in 50 years?

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PA-12: Close but not close enough

There were two elections going on in the Congressional District of PA-12 last night: the Democrat and Republican primaries as well as the Special Election to fill the vacancy created by the death of US Rep John Murtha. Tim Burns has been campaigning for this seat since last summer when he & I met at NRCC School in Washington DC. This was before my debacle with XTO and I was campaigning on CD-17. Tim and I became good friends and have kept up with each others races. We were both in what many called “unwinnable races”. There was a key difference – Tim was the lone man taking on Murtha. While there was a glimmer of hope in beating Edwards, and I believe Flores will take Chet out this fall, Murtha was considered untouchable and Tim was almost labeled a kook for entering the race. Tim, like you & I, knows the country is headed the wrong way and wants to make a difference for his family and country. Tim is a patriot for just entering a race like this.

For the longest time in that race, Tim was not even mentioned amongst the hopeful Congressional seats the GOP felt they could take in 2010. Murtha had effectively bought out the conservative Dem district – the John Murtha Airport we all kicked in to pay for was part of the graft going on.  There were rumblings in the district of uneasiness when Murtha called his district residents “rednecks and racists” in 2009. PA-12 likes God & Guns, believes in the right to life, and are not too wild about taxes. I think they are Republican but just cannot say it yet.

When Murtha died last year, the whole perspective on taking the seat changed. Tim had been out hitting the bricks hard and suddenly the thought of this seat changing hands to the Republican’s was not far fetched. The Dems pulled long time Murtha staffer Mark Critz into the race as a symbol of Murtha past and present. There was only one problem – Critz was running from the National Democratic Party platform faster than a gold medalist in the 440 relay. Why, he would have voted against Obamacare and Cap & Trade! He believes in the 2nd amendment and lower taxes!  What a crock.

One of the unwritten issues facing the passage of any type of term limits is how to ensure the DC staffers don’t end up with more power than they currently have. Want to know why the Congress never read any bills? They have their staff do it and tell them what to do. All you have to do is look at Murtha’s liberal record and you know EXACTLY how Critz will vote. This person tells PA-12 one thing then flies down to DC to be a part of fundraisers held by Nancy Pelosi. Critz is every bit as two faced as our own CD-17 Pelosi lap dog Chet Edwards.

Critz took the Special Election by 8 points or roughly 10000 votes last night. It was not as close as the polls had indicated, but close enough to instill hope for the fall. Tim Burns won the Republican Primary last night so gets another crack at Critz in November. Hopefully, he can tie Crtiz to Murtha and hang the Dem platform around his neck in November. If he can expose Critz, he will take this seat.

Tim Burns is on Facebook and Twitter. His website is Let him know you are in his corner. It makes a difference.

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The drum beat for Cap & Trade

This is a re-print of an article that appeared on May 10 from Green Builder Magazine. An entire industry is being built around the anticipation of Cap & Trade. Are you ready for the impact? If not, you had better start calling, faxing, and writing Senators in DC to slow down this freight train.

The Last Barrel of Oil by Sara Gutlerman

It is predicted that the social, environmental, and financial devastation resulting from BP’s runaway oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could make Hurricane Katrina look like a light afternoon rain shower. With more than 200,000 gallons of oil gushing into the water every day, the inhabitants of already damaged wetlands and vulnerable wildlife sanctuaries are staggering from the geyser of destruction. The crude oil, along with chemicals used to disperse it, is creating a toxic soup, fatal to marine life. And people in the fishing and tourism industries along the Gulf Coast fear irreparable damage to their very way of life as they face an estimated $5.5 billion in costs and lost revenues.

This disaster is especially ironic in light of the Administration’s announcement last month to open new offshore drilling sites in US waters. The spill been likened to subprime mortgages—a peculiar wake-up call, which should transcend political parties and special interests. In the face of such calamity, politicians and business executives have an ideal opportunity to actually exhibit desperately needed leadership and implement real change that galvanizes, rather than divides, the public.

The immediate response to this latest disaster must involve bioremediation of habitat and restoration of economic opportunity for local communities. A logical second step is the development and relentless implementation of a progressive energy policy that realistically addresses today’s (and tomorrow’s) needs, including strict guidelines for energy efficiency, renewables, clean technology, and financially responsible national energy independence.

Why does it seem so hard to for Washington to pave the way to a clean energy future? Why must we drill, baby drill when we have endless rooftops that we can cover with solar panels, acres of land that we use to construct wind generators, and miles of earth in which we can employ geothermal systems?

I’m cautiously optimistic that we may be moving in the right direction, as evidenced last week by the House passing a version of the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 (H.R. 5019), which authorizes the creation of a national energy retrofit program for American homeowners.

As the crude continues to gush from the ocean floor, the Administration is taking pause to analyze its next move, and has at least temporarily suspended approval of new offshore drilling permits until more is known about the extent of damage from the Gulf Coast oil spill.

While it is essential that we implement a national energy policy that retains US dollars within our country, it is also essential that we ask the right questions that lead to appropriate solutions.

Need I even ask? How many animals should we allow to die, how much toxic crud should we tolerate washing up on our beaches, how many chemicals should we allow to pollute our ocean before we speak out? How many dollars should we spend on remediation on this disaster that could have been used on research and development of clean energy technologies and delivery systems? Do we have to run out of oil before we take action, or can we end our destructive obsession before we are forced to endure more needless environmental damage and financial distress?

It’s time to turn our angst into action, to replace our political paralysis with execution, to make dependency on fossil fuels the next victim of enlightened policy.

Please write to me at with your thoughts about how we can bring our energy policy into the 21st century.For more information about important topics related to sustainability and green building, follow me on my Twitter page at SaraGBM.

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The BP Oil Rig Explosion – accident or a domestic act of terrorism?

One of the key elements in bringing new products to market is to create the demand. The applies to the political process as well. If you want a new bill passed and your lackeys in Congress lack the brass tacks to make it happen, create the element that sparks a fire.

Cap & Trade (Cap & Tax) passed the House last year and has been gathering dust on the desks of the Senate. Our illustrious leader (gag me!) Barry O is feeling pretty full of himself right about now. Forget the polls – the manchild has much to do before the garbage is taken out in November and he just pulled off the greatest resurrection since Lazarus in the passage of Obamacare. So why stop there? Those pesky conservatives have not a clue what is good for them. Don’t we realize global warming is real and we must get away from fossil fuels, etc, etc?

Don’t get me wrong – I am literally a green capitalist. I like the environment and I enjoy providing for my family as well as I can. When the two can come together its a win -win. However, I am not for forcing renewables down peoples throats and taxing the tinkle out of them to walk down the renewable path. Get products that work and ones business can make a profit on and let the market handle things. Then I remember the bozo that sits on the throne at 1600…..

Which brings me back to the BP oil rig – this is a company that has had one of the best environmental records amongst energy producers that pay off inspectors. I realize that statement can be an oxymoron, but BP has been pretty good at not being nabbed. Now an explosion occurs that no one can give a real solid explanation for. What I have been told by friends I have in military intel is that a mini-sub was spotted on radar close to the rig right before the explosion. Thoughts are it was torpedoed. Do a search on the web and you’ll find a plethora of theories around this.

 Now, just a blink after Obamacare is passed we have one of the worst oil disasters on record and the environmental groups are going ape. How could they have approved the drilling??!! What were we thinking??!! Oh, and for those of you sleeping in a cave – John Kerry (son of Lurch) and Joe Liebermann (Elmer Fudd’s love child?) have introduced a kindler, gentler form of Cap & Trade. Lots of support they say! Why, everyone can agree we need this bill now to save our future! Here is the youtube post if you can stomach it : 

Now I know you are thinking – our government would never stoop to such tactics. For the most part I agree with you, but then the current regime is not like any we have ever had before. They know the time is ticking and power will be taken from them this fall. New legislation the likes of Obamacare and Cap & Trade are far more difficult to repeal than most care to admit. The libs know now is their window of opportunity that may never come again and they will fall on the sword for their cause. If you have failed to understand the resolve behind the libs, take a deep breath and wake up to reality.

Somewhere Barry O is smiling.

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Time to move on to making a difference

The Senate District 22 race is over for me now. While it certainly did not end the way I or most the district expected, crying over spilt milk is not my nature.  Helping people can be achieved in many fashions. I am fortunate enough currently to be working in two areas near and dear to all poeple in Texas and throughtout the US. As lead c0onsultant for the We the People Health project ( ) I am working on bringing a large, non homogenous group health project that can become everything Obamacare is against – free market solutions. I have also accepted a position with Unified Energies, Inc ( ) as their point person for Government Relations and Project Development. This is a duty I have accepted in addition to operating our consulting firm. Unified Energies, Inc hold proprietry technologies in wind, solar, and bio fuels unlike anything in the marketplace. I have been working as a consultant to help bring funding to their research for quite some time now. The company is launching several new global renewable projects that will stand renewable technologies on their collective ears. These technologies are not only renewable, but make economic sense from an investment standpoint. I am proud to be a part of this development and process.

This blog site will report what I am doing in these sectors, give my opinions of the politics and patriots of the day, and hopefully help bring additional exposure to those that want to make a difference in our state and country at all levels of government.

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