Time to move on to making a difference

The Senate District 22 race is over for me now. While it certainly did not end the way I or most the district expected, crying over spilt milk is not my nature.  Helping people can be achieved in many fashions. I am fortunate enough currently to be working in two areas near and dear to all poeple in Texas and throughtout the US. As lead c0onsultant for the We the People Health project (www.wethepeoplehealth.com ) I am working on bringing a large, non homogenous group health project that can become everything Obamacare is against – free market solutions. I have also accepted a position with Unified Energies, Inc (www.unifiedenergies.com ) as their point person for Government Relations and Project Development. This is a duty I have accepted in addition to operating our consulting firm. Unified Energies, Inc hold proprietry technologies in wind, solar, and bio fuels unlike anything in the marketplace. I have been working as a consultant to help bring funding to their research for quite some time now. The company is launching several new global renewable projects that will stand renewable technologies on their collective ears. These technologies are not only renewable, but make economic sense from an investment standpoint. I am proud to be a part of this development and process.

This blog site will report what I am doing in these sectors, give my opinions of the politics and patriots of the day, and hopefully help bring additional exposure to those that want to make a difference in our state and country at all levels of government.

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