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Chet Edwards – Nancy Pelosi’s Lapdog

It’s been quite a while since I have taken the time to shed light on the darkness of Chet Edwards. It is now Bill Flores torch to bear and whip Chet in the November general. However, as a former CD17 candidate and someone who has a personal issue with Chet, I want to give Bill all the help he can get.

For those that have bought into Edwards claim as a conservative blue dog Democrat, it is time to wake up from the nightmare. Now I am not saying Edwards was never conservative – I believe he had a degree of conservative principle to him when he went to DC in 1990. He has since flushed them down the toilet to be the right hand man of insanity on earth – Nancy Pelosi.

I am not about to attempt to cover Edwards entire voting history in this blog. You can google it and read for yourself the liberal swing he has and his liberal rating. However, Since Pelosi took over a Speaker of the House, Edwards has flat-out sold his soul. Pelosi has used Edwards to sell her agenda to the House Dems while speaking out of the other side of his mouth while talking to constituents backing in Texas. How attached at the hip are these two? Consider this – when Barry O was fishing for a VP in 2008, it was Pelosi that placed Edwards name in the VP hunt. Edwards did some campaign stumping with Barry O in February of 2008 prior to the state primaries. He felt good about Barry O and threw his support right in there before he had the nomination. Good God, that makes the stomach turn! It was not long after Barry O secured the Democrat nomination that Pelosi threw Edwards hat into the ring. Edwards nomination to the VP spot was thwarted on 2 issues – 1. Texas was considered heavily red and Edwards could not carry the state; 2. John Edwards was in the middle of his infidelity scandal and the names were too similar.

So what has Edwards done in return for the VP plug? Plenty. Edwards wrangles in the uncertain Dem flocks and sells them on the Pelosi way. Ok, I said I would attempt to cover his voting record, but how about a few jewels that last couple of years? He was there for TARP, the Auto Industry Takeover, the Lil Ledbetter Bill, the 2009 Ominbus, The Stimulus (and they want another?),trillion-dollar budgets, regulating executive comp, and other lovely legislative items. He claims conservatism on voting against Cap & Trade and Obamacare, yet in both cases he voted to bring both bills to the floor. Additionally, it was only after Master Pelosi granted permission did Edwards vote against those two, in the waning moments of the votes when the numbers were secure. I was personally at a realtor luncheon in Granbury last year where Edwards appeared and told an audience of very concerned realtors that he was not for Cap & Trade now do to the economic conditions of the country, but could see it later on.

On June 24, 2010 Edwards was able to show his true liberal colors once again on HR 5175, better known as the DISCLOSE Act. I wrote on this earlier when the NRA sold out and got an exemption on the bill. This bill is in response to the Supreme Court Ruling in  Citizens United vs. FCC. This ruling overturned McCain-Feingold and restored some semblance to the First Amendment. DISCLOSE is the Dems way to reinstate McCain-Feingold. I guess the fact the Supreme Court just hammered one un-Constitutional law did not sink in for these loons.

Edwards was one of the goony birds – here is the roll call:

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Joe Versus the Volcano – Part II

In 1990 Tom Hanks made a film called “Joe versus the volcano.” The storyline was about a man who thought he was dying and volunteered to sacrifice himself to save a tiny island. In the end, he learns how to live.

Fast forward 20 years to Congressman Joe Barton, R-TX, of CD6 who posted this statement on his Facebook page on June 17 – “…. today is hearing with BP ceo…..BP is definitely responsible for the accidental oil spill in the Gulf,and should be liable for costs of clean up ….BP should also, however, be given due process ….The President’s $20 billion fund,negotiated in the White House with the attorney general in the room, is unprecedented and smacks of a shakedown .” For this statement and those he made on the House floor got him excoriated from the likes of VP Joe “The Gaff Man” Biden, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and others. That is to be expected from those spineless goofs. What got the blood pressure up was the gutless action of Republican Leader John Boehner, Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, and others for calling Barton wrong. Here is a clip of the crimes –

Now whether or not you like oil companies is not the point – Barton was correct. We have laws in this country regarding liability and British Petroleum is not about to get off the hook. Obama’s Chicago style shake down was simply a pattern habit this thug brought with him to the Presidency. Since this clown has taken office, this fits in nicely with his nationalization of the financial markets, car industry, and healthcare. Barry O sees this “opportunity” in the Gulf as a way to usher in Cap & Tax and squeeze the oil industry he hates. We come to expect this style of action from this treasonous thief.

Which brings us back to Boehner and the boys. I have met Boehner, Cantor, and Pence and considered them decent, reasonably sensible men. Why on earth they would see Barton as wrong tells me their days may be numbered. Let me make this clear gentlemen – AMERICA IS TIRED OF GUTLESS WIMPS PLAYING THE PC GAME!  This disturbed me more about Boehner because he normally has a pair strapped on. Boys – better find ’em fast because there is a purging going on in the Republican Party right now preparing for a new beginning.

Sooooo, the DNC (Dumba@# Nazi Communists) began the drumbeat for Barton to apologize. I am sad to say that Joe did and is now being played as a fool by the Dems – Joe was my Congressman until redistricting in 2003 when I was given the joy of getting Chet “Lapdog for Pelosi” Edwards. I like Joe, even though I don’t always agree with him. Joe was showing courage and calling it like it is. Something we need in DC and I’ll be damned if the machine did not cave around Joe when he needed support.  However, Joe should not have backed down and apologized. The points he had gained were quickly lost. Joe – if you end up reading this – the district, state, and country will support you when you take a stand against this band of thieves working to take over the country. Forget about the press and the spin.

I have read blogs all over the place that echo the same thing in applauding Barton for taking a stand. I have also read the disappointment in the Republican Leadership for abandoning Barton and putting him in a position to apologize. Beohner, Cantor, and the boys threw this Joe to the Volcano of the DNC Mountain. I only hope this Joe, like the one from the movie, learns how to live in again. Politically, that is.


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Free Speech and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Ah, if only the Founding Fathers could see what we have done with the First Amendment. From anarchists burning the US flag to hosting a veteran’s parade, we run the spectrum here in the US. While free speech comes with a whole assortment of issues with it, at the end of the day you take the good with the bad. In 2002, RINO US Senator from Arizona John McCain teamed up with Wisconsin Democrat US Senator Russ Feingold to create the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act a/k/a “McCain-Feingold” . The bill limited corporate and organizational contributions on federal candidates for office 30 days out on a primary and 60 days out from a general election. It was an un-Constitutional assault on free speech and one of the many reasons Republicans got run out of congressional control for allowing this type of tripe to pass for law.

The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” If I own a corporation and want to use that money to support my candidate, I have that right. Well, had it until McCain-Feingold made the political world more “fair”. After this bill passed, the special interest groups figured out how to use 527 PACS and the bill had a bunch of air taken out of it.  However, if did not have a PAC or desired to be a part of one, you rights under this bill were restricted.

In the 2008 Presidential election, Citizens United wanted to launch a documentary film and ads against Hillary Clinton and the FEC would not permit it. Citizens United is a conservative group that receives corporate funding and the FEC stated these ads and movie violated McCain-Feingold. Citizens United filed a lawsuit (as we ordinary citizens should have done when this bill passed in the first place) against the FEC for violation of their First Amendment rights. Google Citizens United vs. FEC for more details on the cause. In January of 2010 the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision agreed with Citizens United. Thus, McCain-Feingold has been tossed and corporations and organizations can donate again.

Well, the House Democrats could have nothing like that. The libs in Congress want total control and recognize it costs money to elect candidates. They were not about to allow Republican leaning organizations and businesses to get conservatives back in office with healthy donations. Before the ink could dry on the Citizens United decision, the House Dems introduced The DISCLOSE Act.  Forget that pesky Supreme Court and checks & balances – they want their Utopia. 

The DISCLOSE Act is designed to stop what they believe is the effect of the Citizens United case: The removal of the ban on corporate and special interest money contributions to political campaigns. Among other things, the Act:

  • Requires public disclosure of campaign-related spending by corporations, unions, and others
  • Helps prevent foreign companies from influencing US elections by closing a “loophole” allowing US-based but foreign-owned companies to make campaign contributions
  • Requires corporations, unions, and others to clearly identify themselves as sponsors of political ads they pay for

Now I have no issue with transparency or disclosure on campaign finances, you can get all the info you want on any candidate at . That, however, is not the purpose of this act. This act, which has not passed either chamber of congress yet, is designed to allow liberal watchdog groups easy access to conservative donor bases for the purpose of harassing them through threats of boycott, strikes, and other actions of the sort.

Now how do I know this is the heart of this act? Let’s talk about the recent deal the NRA cut with House Dems to be exempt from the proposed act. The NRA has been against this bill since its proposed inception. No problem there on my part, but the NRA must have been nervous that the bill is going to pass because this week they were able to get an exemption from it. That meant a deal with the libs and New York Democrat US Rep Chuck Schumer. Why would the NRA do this? To protect their donor list as provided for under the Second Amendment. So – sell out the First Amendment to keep the Second??? What a sinful, dirty little deed.  No Patriot check mark this week for the NRA.

The reality of all this is that The DISCLOSE Act is one more attempt by elites to have different levels of “free” speech in their controlled and coordinated manner. Put this act down as one more to make the call rounds on in DC to remind these buffoons that we are watching.

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Shake Up in Senate District 22 SREC

I have avoided commenting on Texas Senate District 22 in any manner since I lost the Special Election. Especially considering I may still be chosen on the November ballot by the district’s County Chairs. They don’t like David Sibley’s lobby ties and Brian Birdwell does not meet the requirements for the seat under the Texas Constitution. So I have tried to lay low. However, Saturday’s events in Dallas are worthy of publication if nothing else to serve as notice that grass-roots, conservative efforts in Texas are beginning to tear away at the foundation of the established RINO’s in this district.

I challenged RINO Kip Averitt from McLennan County for the SD22 seat and lost. Averitt was a 16 year career politician and this was my first crack at public office and I knew it would be a battle, but I never imagined what would happen in this one. Along the way I uncovered a scandal that involved a whole slew of people mainly from the chief county in SD22 – McLennan. The scandal involved the Brazos River Authority and its closure of a hydroelectric dam system at Possum Kingdom Lake in Palo Pinto, Texas. At the root of the scandal was Averitt, our Senator for the district and the Chair of the Texas Natural Resource Committee that oversees all lakes, rivers, and dams in Texas who sat by while the plant closure started killing off economic life in several SD22 counties. Another individual that kept coming into the scandal was current Brazos River Authority President AND SREC for District 22 Chris DeCluitt. DeCluitt also resides in McLennan County.

When I started to uncover the scandal, Averitt “suspended” his campaign and DeCluitt launched the “Re-Elect Kip” campaign to keep Averitt in so the seat remained in McLennan County. DeCluitt wanted the Senate seat through an Averitt in-session retirement and I screwed it up. The McLennan County Machine went into full swing and chewed me alive. Democrat Chet Edwards team called his rolls to get Dems to crossover vote for Averitt (we have open primaries in Texas). The strategy worked and I lost in spite of 25000 plus votes that would have won most primaries. So you begin to understand the full flavor of this county, former President George W Bush’s Crawford ranch is in McLennan County.

One of the key issues in the scandal was why a hydroelectric plant would be shut down by the Brazos River Authority for maintenance issues when literally millions upon millions of dollars had been allocated from bond sales for maintenance. I had proof of bond issuance and wanted to know if the money had been spent on the dam or something else. I broke this story 2 weeks before the March 2 primary. DeCluitt responded with a stumbling, bumbling response that in fact proved a degree of my accusations stating monies allocated over 5 years earlier were set aside waiting the outcome of a dispute. The “dispute” he referred to was a sale of the hydroelectric facilities between the Brazos River Authority and the Brazos Electric Cooperative who had purchased the operations. Problem was that the last bond issue was in 2005 and that “dispute” came over 2 years later. It is a violation of securities and exchange law to issue a bond and not spend the money.

The SEC contacted me in March and asked for my files. To date, this is still under investigation…

Which brings us back to Dallas. DeCluitt was the current SREC Committeeman running for re-election along with  new candidates Molly Smith of McLennan County (old guard candidate), Janet Jackson (no not that one) of Bosque County, and Jimmie Kerr of McLennan County. McLennan County has controlled SD22 for over 25 years. Nancy Pelosi’s lap-dog Dem Chet Edwards was the state senator before heading off to DC. David Sibley won the seat in a Special after Chet left and he was from McLennan County. Averitt was on Sibley’s staff before going to the Texas House. Averitt was appointed to Sibley’s senate seat when Sibley left in 2001 during mid-session. DeCluitt had been the SREC Committeeman for 4 years and Molly Smith’s mother had served from 2006 to 2008.  McLennan County ran this district and had no intentions of giving up control. Not to my county or any other.

Janet Jackson had lived in McLennan County at one time but moved to Bosque. Janet has been an activist and opponent to the old guard RINO’s for years. She helped form the Hispanic Republican Club in McLennan County and was active in spreading conservatism throughout the district. She is a rash on their radar. Jimmie Kerr was of the same cut – tired of the old guard RINO’s and ready to change his county. These two attended Tea Parties and spoke out against the nonsense in our district. Yep – they are my friends and supported my campaign. When my political bid ended I knew I needed to help them –  if for nothing else to make an effort to break the McLennan County death grip on our district.

DeCluitt was running the caucus and had to start the nominations for SD22 SREC. You can run as a candidate, but you must be nominated from the floor of the caucus.First was for Committeewoman. Both Janet and Molly were nominated and gave fine speeches to the caucus, although it was obvious who the talented candidate was. Janet won the nomination with the caucus exploding in delight and it was visible that Mr DeCluitt was shaken up. The nomination for Committeeman was next. He then turned over the caucus to be nominated for SREC again. Jimmie Kerr was nominated as well. Again, there was no question of who gave the better nomination speech, but we were all on needles to see if Kerr would win. When he did by a solid margin, the caucus once again erupted in delight. The old guard has been dealt a huge blow today by the rowdy SD22 caucus in Dallas.

Today proved that if conservatives are patient, willing to wage a fight based on principles, and work their fannies off, results can be achieved.


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The Cap & Trade Shell Game

In the shell game of keep the country confused, Barry O and the Obamanites (aka the Libs in the US Congress) have passed Obamacare, grandstanded on the Arizona Immigration Law, and have absolutely sat on their hands during the British Petroleum Gulf Oil Spill, While the nation watches the sly hand of these charlatans direct us this way and that, the other hand has been very busy working to achieve the Third Jewel of the Socialist Triple Crown – Cap & Trade.  The other two jewels of takeover were the financial sector and healthcare.

We all know the ruckus caused last year when Cap & Trade passed the House and was sent to the Senate with glee by the Obamanites. They just knew the bill would pass the Senate and these pesky citizens would come to understand that the Elites knew what was best in saving the planet. However, the American public went into a tizzy. This bill and health care was like throwing gas onto smoldering embers and members of Congress got their head handed to them over the August recess. We the people were getting our message across to not pass such un-Constitutional laws in town hall after town hall! Right?

In one of the most remarkable comebacks in history, enough to make John Elway jealous, Barry O pulled off a “Hail Mary” and the Obamanites passed Obamacare in March. The nation was stunned.  We staggered around as a country for weeks until we had the Arizona Immigration Law and the BP Gulf Spill to wake us from our disbelief. So while the nation argued over immigration and why the gusher in the Gulf could not be plugged, Barry O ordered his minions back to work on Cap & Trade. Kerry & Lieberman introduced the kindler and gentler version amendment to Cap & Trade on May 13….

Here is the cold, hard reality on Cap & Trade – the EPA is poised to do the dirty work regardless of whether the bill passes or not. EPA Head Duck in Charge Lisa Jackson is an environmentalist diehard and  would be a crew member on “Whale Wars” were it not for this current job. She has declared CO2 as a threat to human health and is on a very serious level unstable.

In January of this year,  Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska introduced  Senate Joint Resolution 26 ( as a measure to curtail in the EPA. What SJR26 does is prevent the EPA from placing every environmental utopian dream into the Clean Air Act of 1970. The EPA is using this Act an end-around way to regulate  green house gases without the passage of Cap & Trade. With immigration becoming more toxic and the August recess rapidly approaching, Libs in Congress view the EPA as taking care of business so they can tell constituents back home during the recess that they did not pass Cap & Trade. Another shell game and SJR26 kills it. The vote on the measure is June 10.  Americans for Prosperity have a direct call link to the Senators that can make this measure happen and rein in the EPA. That link is 

If the Senate can maintain a spine long enough to pass SJR26, then we can put Cap & Trade back under the microscope. If SJR26 passes AND the Senate can keep Cap & Trade from coming to a vote before the August recess, then it may indeed die. If SJR26 fails to pass – hide your wallets.

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Government run insurance – bad at the state level too.

Everyone remembers how Florida got hammered by 4 hurricanes in 2004. People forget that there were actually 8 named storms in the 2004 to 2005 hurricane seasons that hit Florida. Several regions of the state were hit in multiple storms causing overlapping damage to property. Insured policyholders were outraged that they had to pay their deductibles on their policies for each storm. Then Governor Jeb Bush went down a slippery slope by leaning on insurers to waive multiple deductibles for residents hit on the same property. That liberalised insurance contracts in a manner companies cannot predict for loss. If they cannot predict for loss, they cannot stay in business.

Now I realize most people reading this like insurance about as much as using sandpaper for toilet paper, but insurance serves a purpose and function by allowing people to transfer risk. If a million dollar home costs $12000 to insure and the premium screams of looting and pillaging, it is still cheaper that having to cough up a couple of hundred thousand dollars or the whole million if a loss occurs. Having spent 17 years in the industry, I recognize all the faults and know we need to have more options for people on contracts. However, when the courts or political pressures force a contract change that was never thought out by the dweebs in actuary – you have a problem.

What happened next was all the major carriers postured for major rate increases to cover the losses for the state. In 2004, over 30 billion was paid out from hurricane related losses. Critics of the insurance industry say that a company should base rates on its overall profit, not just a region, state, etc. Reality is that insurance does not work that way. You base rates on your expenses, investment income, and claims from the rating base.

In 2006 Jeb Bush pushed for sweeping insurance reform that essentially set up Florida to become a self insured state. While initiatives were placed to make homes stronger and created grants for Florida based insurance companies to step in the fray, nothing was done to relieve the national carriers in the state or attract other large property carriers. Local carriers would never have the financial strength to tackle Florida’s catastrophe exposure. National carriers began to push hard for rate increases and were being dealt rejection after rejection from the Florida Department of Financial Services and new Governor Charlie Crist. In 2008 and 2009 the large national insurance companies left Florida – the largest blow being dealt by St Farm in January 2009. Since 2009, even smaller regional carriers have decided to leave the state. Floridians have very few choices from the free market and none in coastal zones.

Citizens Insurance is the state of Florida’s own program and was designed as the insurer of last resort or coastal coverage. Today, it insures over 80% of the Florida property insurance market. It is estimated that 80% of the states exposed property coverage is projected to be a whopping 2 trillion dollars. You think that can wipe out the piggy bank? All Citizens policies have a provision that in the event of total liquidation of the company from a severe catastrophe, any and all insureds can and will be assessed a surcharge to cover the loss. Ouch.  Since all of this occurred, Florida premiums through Citizens have went up and up. People are screaming for free market solutions. Does this sound strangely familiar?

In May of this year, the Florida Senate Finance & Banking Committee passed SB2044 for Gov. Crist to sign. This bill was designed to have carriers have higher reserve limits to operate in the state (this means rate increases), would have allowed for replacement cost adjustments, and the ability for carriers to increase base rates for profitability reasons. This was all needed in 2006. This was a good bill and would have brought in competition to Florida residents. This may not have been a perfect solutions to skyrocket rates down, but it would have been a start. One problem – Governor Charlie Crist vetoed the bill. You can Google the topic and read more. I thought Crist was an idiot when he let carriers leave, but this is even more insane.

Does this tie into to BO Care? You bet it does. The new law requires health carriers to have at least an 80% loss ratio.  That means for every dollar taken in premium, eighty cents must be paid out. This is before factoring in operating expenses. Another condition is that the Health czar can review and reject loss data a carrier uses. If a company has a large loss they anticipate from a lawsuit or catastrophe, it is common to set aside reserve money. That factors into a loss ratio as it is a projected loss. It will take about one time for a loss component to be rejected for health insurance carriers to say ” See Ya”. Bottom line – if a carrier cannot make a profit they will not write the coverage. This is essential to profit and a part of capitalism. BO Care is designed to micro manage a carrier until they get out of the business. Once the free markets are out-of-the-way, the feds can raise premiums and you have no choice but to pay.

The funny thing is that government-run insurance is a failure regardless of the political party. Bush and Crist are Republicans. At least Crist claimed that at one time. Obama is a Commu.., I mean Democrat.

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Obamacare – Costs & Casualties and what true Healthcare Reform should look like.

When Barry O signed HR 4872 Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation into law, a series of events were placed in motion that may never be reversed. Even if the Attorney General’s of the States are successful in their lawsuit or the Republicans manage to repeal the act of treason next session. That’s a heavy statement and let me lay out the facts that support it.


  • The first is the most obvious – Individual Freedom. OUR federal government has essentially laid down the gauntlet on telling you how you will live your life. The determination of whether this infringement of liberty will wax or wane depends on the will of the American People to get off the couch and the courage for others to step forward to serve. This still can be reversed – hopefully.
  • The second is also obvious – The waste of taxpayer dollars. From the costs the states are bearing that are legally challenging this act to the dollars being spent to implement and build the beast to make this act viable. That money is gone from our hip pockets and will never return. The question is how much we let them burn through before taking action.
  • The third is not so obvious – The time deflected away from real items of need. What does this country need more right now: healthcare reform or an economy that can make people wealth? Since BO took office, our economy has dropped off a cliff and has yet to hit bottom. Healthcare is nothing about health, but power and control. It has also allowed the feds to stay away from the economy because they have been too “busy” with healthcare. Over a year into his presidency and now BO wants to address jobs.  Or does he? Lets be honest, he wants us poor for power for his beast. That’s another topic for another day.


Even if time mounts a successful challenge to this bill, and I believe it will, certain items have changed that will never go back to the way they were. You can decide if that is good or bad. One thing that is gone forever and will change in the next year is how individuals buy health insurance. The days of buying from an agency or broker for individuals is rapidly coming to an end. Insurance carriers must take the steps to prepare for insurance exchanges as part of the  requirement of HR 4872. As such, they are looking to the internet as a total platform from rating to issuance for individual health. Once they go down this road, they will not turn back. This means within a year you will not be able to buy from a broker. As a broker, I have inside information on this and it is an absolute truth. Now, I can already hear the Geico and Progressive fans say they like that. However, this is not car insurance and do you want total reliance on your healthcare coming via the net? Industry polls show 8 out of 10 want a broker to explain the difference in plans before they buy. Kiss that good-bye. Another casualty linked to the first is the ruin of individual health agents and their businesses. If they no longer have the option from the insurance company to sell and service it – they are out of business. I know agents in a panic now because they are going to lose their income in less than 12 months. That may not mean much to you, but these agents hire people and lease office space, as well as pay taxes. When you wipe them out, it has an impact.

What does true Healthcare Reform look like?

  • Use existing Federal Law (The McCarren Ferguson Act) to eliminate the borders between states that prohibit all health insurance companies from competing in each state. This will increase competition within the State’s borders and will drive down premiums as well as granting Americans more options for companies and coverage.
  • Allow states to then have uniform policy forms that carriers can adopt to enter and compete. Allow the forms to be increased or decreased in coverage to meet the needs and wallets of Americans.
  • Amend the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 to allow health insurance to be included in the allowable risks provided for under the Act. This will allow Risk Retention Groups and Risk Purchasing Groups to use the law of large numbers to decrease health insurance costs.
  • Allow for the formation of High Risk Pools for insured’s that have high cost or terminal health issues. Companies writing in each State where these pools are formed will have participation requirements equal to their open market premium writings.
  • Any successful reform requires Tort Reform. Balance must be in place that keeps doctors in business to help patients while protecting patients from doctors who abuse them.

There are additional ideas that can be implemented to have Healthcare Reform, but these are at the core of effective change.

I have faith that the American People will not stand for this bill and will continue to fight to outlaw or repeal it. Let’s just hope and pray we can minimize the costs and casualties of this act of treason until we can debate and implement true market-based reform.

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