Constitution Day – Time for National Respect

Why is this not a National Holiday?

The Constitution celebrates liberty, prosperity, and opportunity. Over 234 years ago under the divinity of God, our Founding Fathers came together to draft the defining instrument of freedom through limited government, personal responsibility, and the opportunity that became America.

 At that specific point in time, it was the states that breathed life into the federal government – not the other way around. America stood for exceptionalism, individualism, entrepreneurship, and the essence of capitalism. We developed the strength in military might that became the envy of the world. And yes – America became the center of the known universe.

 This was possible because of the foundation laid in the Constitution.

But the Constitution was also drafted to exposure and defy tyranny.

Somewhere along the line, we began to freely give away rights our Founding Fathers penned in the Constitution in the name of patriotism.  After WWII, we gladly offered up our rights in the name of service to the country. However, our patriotism was abused and led to an infestation of Marxist at all levels of govt. What started out as an inconvenient political movement 60 plus years ago has ended up placing the first communist in the White House.

Now, when “Hope & Change” means “I hope Obama changes real soon” and the very document we celebrate is being shredded before our eyes, we are also witnessing a re-birth in what the Constitution stands for. Copies are given out everywhere; people now read the document that so much blood and love has been spilled for. The Constitution has by its very existence given the masses the vision and path of how to re-gain our country.

 The Constitution has awakened the Spirit of America. It has once again been rekindled and it is the spirit that binds us all. Its is the pang you feel in your heart when you sing the Star Spangle Banner. It is the swelling of pride in your chest when you remember the brave souls who sacrificed their lives on 9/11/01. It is the reason patriots all over the United States celebrate liberty and the defiance of tyranny. That a coalition of the conservative have committed to make peaceful change at the ballot box to reclaim our heritage draws its very birth from the document.  That is a true act of homage to the Constitution.

“Those who sacrifice liberty for security have neither”  –  Benjamin Franklin

It is more than overdue that we make a national holiday to celebrate and revere the very document that grants the freedoms we seek and fight for.


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2 responses to “Constitution Day – Time for National Respect

  1. Mark Bainter

    “It is more than overdue that we make a national holiday to celebrate and revere the very document that grants the freedoms we seek and fight for.”

    Again…no…no it does not. It may seem pedantic to some, but the concept of natural rights is really important. Do you really think that if enough people agreed that you shouldn’t have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, and repealed that part of the first amendment that it would mean you no longer have that right?

    We have allowed our thinking to be swayed into believing that we are granted freedom by a benevolent government and a piece of paper. That’s hogwash. My rights existed before that paper and this government, and they will exist long after they’re gone.

    What the constitution does is try to bind the government, to remind them with chains that these rights are *held* by the people and are NOT TO BE INFRINGED. Those restrictions only have teeth insomuch as we are willing to insist that they do, and resist attempts to infringe them.

    • Your point is well taken. As I stated in the intro “…under the divinity of God…” You are correct that man is free through God. However, man is also an instrument of God and guides His will as He sees fit. The Founding Fathers were the fountain pen God used to document the freedoms he gave us through birth in the Constitution.

      No other document, before or since, has so illustrated the greatness of freedom that God has granted. I stand on my point to have an official day of observance.

      Thank you for your input.

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