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Behind the Shroud of Christ

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God and the savior of those that choose to believe in him. If you doubt his existence in history, please stop reading this blog and go start your homework.

The manner of death to Christ has little dispute in the barbarism inflicted upon him by the Romans. He was scourged, given a crown of thorns, mocked, and ultimately crucified on a cross. Mel Gibson caused a real stink here a few years back in his movie Passion of The Christ. There are those that say it caused anger to be directed toward the Jewish community as it is accepted that the Jewish Priests were responsible for the death of Christ . Maybe. I’m not so sure about that anymore, considering the rule of Roman law at the time and the fact that Pilate was as bloodthirsty as they came in controlling an outpost. Crucifixion was common by the Romans and if Pilate thought Christ to be any threat at all to Rome, he would have had no thoughts to making an example of him.

I tend to think the scourging scene in the movie, which I cannot watch again and bawled like a child when I did watch it, was the real issue. The liberal agenda flowing through the veins of this nation cannot stand anything that promotes Christianity, as Passion certainly did. To show what might have actually happened to Christ and the manner of the suffering involved might make one think about God and his committment to save the souls of mankind. Liberals cannot stand this and lampoon this and resurrection at every turn. I give you the Easter Bunny as one of many examples liberals place forth to turn attention away from events that lead to the death and resurrection of Christ.

After his death, Christ was laid to rest in his chamber and was wrapped in cloth. After his resurrection, the cloth was taken. Where was a mystery for years until a cloth with the likeness of Christ began to be recorded in history at various kingdoms throughout Turkey, Constantinople, and ultimately France. The cloth took on the name of the Shroud of Turin as well as the Shroud of Christ. The History Channel has the best series I have ever seen on the history of Shroud since the death and resurrection of Christ and the trial it took to its modern-day resting place.  The site is and has dates on this show, history of the Shroud, as well as ways to order the show on dvd.

What The Real Face of Jesus does is take the physical evidence left by the Shroud and help create a 3D image of what Christ most likely looked like. Ray Downing of Studio Macbeth, who in 2009 did a 3D recreation of Abraham Lincoln, took the Shroud and began to process to 2D image from the Shroud and worked his modern-day technical magic.

In 1988, researchers did a carbon 14 dating on the Shroud to date the cloth to see if science could reconcile with historical record. The results from the test placed the Shroud from 1260 to 1390 AD, which matched when the Shroud began to have a recorded timeline. As such, many used that result disputing the validity of the Shroud to be the cloth that Christ was wrapped in.  There were many issues with the test, including the location chosen for the sample. Historical accounts and artist renderings of the Shroud date well before 1260 AD and cast the first doubt on the test. Many accounts go back to 700 AD. There is good evidence that the Shroud was in Constantinople in the 1200’s when it fell and was subjected to fire and smoke. The fibrous nature of the cloth and the smoke from the fire could have contaminated it and impacted the dating. It was also involved in another fire after its arrival in France. Observation of the Shroud clearly shows fire damage. However, parts of the end of the Shroud were also damaged and repaired in France.  There are loads of articles on this, but one of the best short and sweet blogs is  The sample for the dating was from the repaired patch and if the sample was from that weave itself, would give an inaccurate date of the Shroud.

Returning to the work of Ray Downing and the work behind The Real Face Of Jesus should eliminate this argument once and for all. The story goes back to 1978, when “official” technology started dissecting the Shroud. Scientists have confirmed that the Shroud is not a painting or work of art, that there is a massive amount of blood on the Shroud, and that the blood is human. What they cannot explain is the 2D image of the face of Christ. Well, science only goes so far and then there is God. Christians know that the image came from the light of the resurrection and left the holy impression of Christ. Man does not possess the technology to perform this act.

Downing has taken the 2D image and the information on the Shroud and analyzed it to the nth degree. He has taken the image and created a 3D likeness of the face underneath. Downing’s own description of the physical damage to the body, a reference to the scourging Christ took at the hands of the Romans, is equal to someone in a horrible car wreck. Downing is emotional in his description of the body, as the evidence of the death of Christ apparently hit home for this man. The end result on the likeness of the face on the Shroud, the face of Christ, is absolutely incredible. The physical characteristics of the jaw, eyes, and other facial features are identical to people indigenous to the Middle East. Jesus was born in that region and would have had the physical characteristics of the native population.

In my opinion, Downing’s work can only draw one conclusion – the Shroud is that of Jesus Christ. If you can tabulate the evidence prior to this project, combine it with Downing’s work, and come away with any other conclusion – then you need a massive dose of prayer.

Then again, our entire world could use some faith.

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Wanted – Conservative Patriots and Everyday Heroes

This is an ad I want to see in every newspaper, political blog, social networks, and reading forums in this great nation we call America:

Wanted – Conservative Patriots and Everyday Heroes to apply for the following positions:

  • Mayor, City council, School Boards, County Commissioners, County Judges  
  • Governor, State Board of Education, State Representative, State Senator, State Judges
  • US House of Representatives, US Senate, President of the United States
  • Other important positions within our political system too numerous to list. Check your local, county, state, or federal tax role for other openings.  
This position is an “applied” for process and potential candidates must possess the following:
  • Love for the United States of America
  • The ability to acknowledge that America was founded on Christian-Judeo principles and that we are NOT a God-less nation
  • Respect for The Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State in which you reside
  • Belief in Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Belief that America stands for limited government, prosperity through capitalism, individualism, responsibility, and a standard of excellence from which the world will judge
  • An understanding that taxation without representation is unacceptable and that the will of the people must be heard and honored
  • The ability to know that America does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem
  • Recognition that States Rights were not an “unintended consequence” of The Constitution, but a safeguard against consolidated government and tyrannical control by the few
  • Understanding that the right to bear arms “…shall not be infringed upon.” Period.
  • Recognition that the US Military is the best in the world and that they deserve our respect and funding to protect this great nation
  • Emotional receptors that bring a lump to your throat, a tear in your eye, and pride in your chest every time you hear “The Star Spangled Banner”
  • The ability to promote and protect the Conservative Agenda
  • Knowledge that freedom is never free
  • Ability to drink your TEA and like it

Like any position, it comes with inherent risks and rewards. Some of the risks include:

  • Sacrifice of time away from your family.
  • Potential sacrifice of your personal finances
  • Potential negative impact on your vocation or business
  • Realization that your opponents and enemies will expose every flaw in your life
  • Realization that lies will be invented and disseminated about you

While those risks seem great, remember you will be in good company as these were the same sacrifices our Founding Fathers made to form this great nation.

However, your risks are not without reward because you will be helping to:

  • Protect The Constitution of the United States of America
  • Preserve a way of life unmatched in history and unequaled around the globe
  • Restore sanity to areas of government that have long since abdicated their responsibilities
  • Ensure that Conservative Principles are practiced to protect our freedoms
  • Improve our great nation by placing government back in the hands of the people for which this great nation was designed

Preferred candidates will come from the following fields:

  • Small business owners and/or people who work in some form of business that actually has to budget its money, make a payroll, and deal with idiotic taxes that are passed
  • Teachers
  • Firemen and Policemen/women
  • Retired Military
  • The Clergy
  • Farmers
  • Anyone who uses their backs and hands to make a living and have no patience for bureaucratic baloney

While we realize there are conservatives who are lawyers, bankers, Wall Street firm managers & personnel, insurance & oil company executives, and liquor store owners that may want to apply, please be advised that you may be required to pass the “Vampire” test to be sure you are not of the same makeup as the current blood suckers we are trying to replace.

Applicants can apply at any Conservative Group Headquarters.
















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Extreme Stupidity

I knew this was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. It has always been there, but I have not had to deal with it on a daily basis. Barry and the Obamanites started the Conservative Reawakening and with it came some of the things we prefer not to have to admit exist. Exposure to warts that no one wants to talk about.

The internet, Facebook, Freedom Torch, Twitter, You Tube, etc. have given life, voice, and the spotlight to a problem within the movement.

I am talking about the extreeeeeeme right-wing of conservatives. They are like the child that the parent is always doting on their “great personality” to compensate for being hit with the ugly stick so hard that the stick broke.

It’s time for some honesty on this topic.

For years, conservatives have had more than a good laugh at the extreme liberal left and the stunts they have pulled. However, every now and then we have to deal with our ugly children with some of their extremism (reference Oklahoma City as a stark reminder). With the likes of Obama in the White House, it has not only rustled the average conservative to get off their butt and get into the game, but Barry O has been the can of gasoline that was poured on the glowing embers of the extreme right that have flamed anew.

Now it’s important to clarify here – as conservatives we support the Constitution, life, liberty, property rights,  lower taxes, less government power, etc. Our extreme brethren take this a step further and want no government, no taxes, and promote visions of the Apocalypse of civilization through monetary collapse, foreign invasion, or some other form of paranoia.

Now we have more of the extreme right getting access to ways to promoting themselves and whacked out messages. Not quite sure what I mean? Today I observed a post on Facebook today regarding a blog from the Conservative Monster. While I am sure the author of the blog, Mr Steve Cooper, is a patriotic American and appears to be conservative, I consider his post to be on the extreme side of the right. The Facebook post referenced his site and China’s plans to use biological weapons to kill 100 to 200 million Americans. Really???????? It was bad enough to have this garbage written, but for someone else to re-post it was too much for me and I “de-friended” them.

Folks, this is paranoid and stupid. Period.

Another form of extremism getting top promotion right now is the financial collapse of our system.  I can go back to the Crash of 1987, when Reagan was in office, and find articles of how the US is going to collapse tomorrow and you had better buy gold! While it is true that deficit spending, uncertainty, and military actions (items that have all occurred over the last 24 years) make for good investing in gold and other precious metals they are not the end of the world. I’m not a fan of this form of investment selling as it is practiced by cowards and preys upon the ignorance of others. Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research is one of the top fear mongers out there and I blasted his skin off back in January The ad I blasted has been running for over a year and so far the world has not collapsed. Run from anything that has this jack wagon’s name on it.

GOPUSA is a very good conservative blog and not controlled by the spineless leaders of the Republican Party. However, GOPUSA keeps running Stansberry’s ads for revenue. This blog is run by Bobby Eberle, who I do not consider extreme, but this continuous promotion of Stansberry’s tactics is in bad taste. Bobby, find another sponsor.

Just as we have to bite our tongues in trying to have a conversation with a liberal to educate them on the principles of conservatism, so should we also be working to reign in and educate our extreme in the movement. Government has its place and the world is not going to end tomorrow.


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To Shut Down or Not Shut Down – That is The Question

Since the 111th Congress chose to punt last year on placing a budget for the government to operate under, the budget has fallen in the lap of the new Republican controlled House. We all know the wrangling going on back and forth between the House and the Democratically controlled Senate, while Barry the bozo cheers for a resolution that makes him look good.

The way I see it, there are certain aspects of the government that I feel are essential and the rest are for debate. Here are departments the government considers “basic” (my essential one emphasized) and what has been researched on the impact of a shutdown:

The US Military – Essential
According to published reports, the House passed a measure to fund the military through the end of the year. While Barry has threatened to veto it because of some tie in legislation, even he is not that stupid. Eight months are plenty of time to hammer out a budget.

Social Security Recipients – Essential
Like it or not, we have a committment here to fulfill until this leviathan can be overhauled. According to “Checks for seniors, those with disabilities, and survivors would go out as usual…” in the event of a shutdown.

Veterans Administration – Essential
It remains open since it is funded in advance. Taking care of those who have sacrificed for us.

Air Traffic Control – Essential
Exempt from shutdowns. Ever flown without one?

Homeland Security
Critical functions like border control will continue according to the site. OK – going to have to hold off this big belly laugh coming.

Gets shut down. Hmmmmmmmmmm

The US Small Business Administration
Shut down. Considering they are doing nothing for the small business sector anyway, we save the money from their ineffectiveness.

Would have to shut down. Golly gee! You mean all those wonderful approvals they are giving now would stop? See above.

Retired Vets – Essential
You get the shaft. First bummer to this.

Government Contractors
According to the site, “it depends”. Chances are likely you are screwed as well.

POTUS & Congress
Yes and this is the one group that should not be paid at all during this to feel some pain on this issue.

So, overall a lot still goes on and gets paid in a shut down. To me, other than NASA, this is more than enough. The reports of 800000 “non-essential” personnel getting furloughed begs the question – if you are not essential, then are you fat in the system? So I say shut it down and work out the math.

Better yet – the items being funded are all that need funding and say bye-bye to the rest. We can debate on whether that is too extreme or not, but we need to cut a whole lot of fat out of the budget.

Why a shutdown will not occur.
Hate to say this,but the Republican leaders are afraid of it. They look back at the 1995 shutdown and see that as the resurrection of Bill Clinton after waxing his butt in the 94 mid terms. What they are not seeing is the huge difference in then and now – Clinton was not spending us into the grave like Obama and the Conservative Awakening then had petered out. Not this time around. If the House does not go to the matt on this – they will be replaced in 2012!

I am sure an 11th hour “agreement” will be struck. 

We will see who blinks fairly quick.

Then its on to the next crisis in this political odyssey we now call Obamanation.

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Won’t Get Fooled Again

Ahhh, April Fools Day is once again upon us. Our modern interpretation of this day has been one for pranks, jokes, and juvenile foolishment of all types. Up until the recent communist takeover of our political system, I used to have a blast on this day. One day the merriment will return.

Historically, it is believed that the concept came about during the 1500’s when French King Charles IX changed the New Year from March 25 – April 1 (new year’s week) to January 1. Imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, the internet (Barry O is working on that one), cell phones, landlines, or basically any form of formal communication outside of carrier pigeon and word of mouth. Even a Royal Decree would have had trouble in those days making the rounds to all of the ears of the country.

Many peasants continued to practice the New Year on April 1 either due to lack of information or stubbornness in belief of the change. For the amusement of the informed, they began to be labeled as “fools” and later as “April Fools”. Harassment and prank playing on these “fools” began to evolve over time and spread throughout the old world. The tradition followed to the colonies in America where we have made it into our modern-day of general prank playing.

I think it is time to evolve this day to a new level to represent the political foolishness occurring on the state and national levels.  The American Public was played for fools and chumps in 2008 by Obama and the Democrats as they swept into office in large numbers at all levels of government. Once the public realized the mistake made, the Great Conservative Awakening began and has been in progress ever since. The November 2010 election results showed that the American Public has no intention of getting fooled again. While the conservative activism movement is not on the same level as the liberals in terms of organization and money, it has made huge strides since 2008.

There was also a message to those that the conservatives were backing – get the job done or be prepared to be a one term politician.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing court jesters believing the public can still be fooled.  On both sides of the aisle. Here is my top April Fool’s Day List of Political Idiocy:

  • Barry O still wants trillion-dollar deficit spending
  • Energy market speculators driving the cost of fuel up (last time I checked, there are no gas lines anywhere in the US and you can buy as much as you want)
  • Involvement in the Libyan Civil War
  • Republican Leaders in Congress courting moderate Democrats to pass a watered down budget
  • Obama encouraging Brazil to drill for oil while US domestic producers are idle to permitting bureaucracy
  • Republican leadership void in a real Energy Policy to make the US energy independent
  • Judicial activism in Wisconsin state judicial system staying the new laws passed by the State Assembly
  • A Republican dominated State Legislature in Texas cutting education, entertaining gambling, and thinking no consequences will result
  • One attempt at repealing the laundry list of legislation passed by the 111th Congress from the current Republican House

Oh, there are many more, but these hit the top.

It is as if none of these fools payed any attention to the American Public. We know the liberals are orbiting Pluto and we have no expectations of any change from them, but the current Republican leaders are spineless. Tell them what they want to hear, get elected, and do as you damn well want to anyway.

In the first 100 days of the Obama Regime, Congressional Democrats had rammed so much of their agenda down conservatives throats that you could not keep up with the barrage. Have we seen any similar attempt by House Republicans to reverse the damage? We all realize Obama will veto the attempts, but we want the veto stamp wore smooth and for Barry O to barely be able to lift his hand. We just do not see the aggressiveness from this group.

Well, the electorate is watching and taking notes. Primaries are less than a year away and already the courting has begun. Fundraiser invitations are going out and general butt kissing is once again occurring.  How foolish do they believe we are?

We are watching and we won’t get fooled again.

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