Press 1 for English

Unless you are from a native American tribe, we are mutts from across the pond at one time or another. Even our friends coming from Mexico have the Spanish influence of the Conquistadors in them. The point of bringing the masses from around the world under our roof was to blend under the principles of The Constitution. That meant adopt our ways, learn English and blend. Rejection of one’s origins has never been and never will be a pre-requisite for citizenship. Now, what I just wrote does not mean our great nation has not had its issues with immigrants. Bringing slaves from Africa was a mistake and caused horrors for our nation that took over 150 years and a Civil War to address. The Chinese and Irish in the mid 1800’s were also given terrible persecution by our citizens. The movie Gangs of New York is probably one of the best movies ever that illustrates just how bad our problems have been in immigration, acceptance, and blending.

After the Civil War and all the death and destruction, a nation yearned to heal. Now I am not saying we have been perfect, but our attitude toward immigration was more tolerant. That was providing the immigrants coming in followed the path of acceptance of American doctrine. One of the cornerstones of that doctrine was the use of the English language. Two World Wars and a stalemate in Korea reinforced the pride of America and its native tongue. The War in Vietnam brought the next great test of immigration to America when Saigon fell. That original generation of Vietnamese that came over learned quickly to make in America meant learning English. English opened the doors of opportunity.

All that began to change in the late 70’s and 80’s. Illegal immigration from Mexico began as a trickle during these times. Acceptance of the new labor pool was in part a rejection of the labor unions and in part just being friendly with our neighbors to the south. Mexicans came up and asked for jobs no one else was applying for, so why not hire them? Right? Why we all know it is wrong, the decision was looked upon with indifference in all walks of American life and began the path we are currently on with immigration today.

I have tried to remember back to when we first started catering to the “non-English” crowd and I am taking a stab that is was the early 1990’s. While I am certain “dual” language marketing in Texas and the nation goes back further, it seems to me that was when it really exploded. The signs, voice mail answering options, etc. From a corporate marketing standpoint, sales distribution channels were being force-fed the diatribe of diversity to minority needs and the adage of “if we don’t provide the service then someone else will”. Now while there is truth to ethnic groups preferring to spending within their own demographic when available, I have also dealt with a broad variety of ethnic groups over 30 years of sales to know that when in comes to money and buying that they all speak the language of the American Dollar. No interpretation required.

The groundwork being laid in the 1990’s was for a rejection of American values and adaptation – specifically targeted towards the growing Hispanic population. Why? If you know how to read demographics, birth rate trends, our immigration issues, and sort then you knew 25 years ago that Hispanics were well on their way to becoming a majority in under a century. Furthermore, if you are a Marxist that believes America is evil and you want a base change you focus on your future voting block. Thus another foundation for socialism was being laid right under our feet and being promoted in the name of “service”.

Now what started out as a marketing grab for dollars has morphed into political correctness of the lowest caliber. Ethnic groups, predominantly Hispanic, are outright rejecting English for Spanish as a way to politically demonstrate their opinions on US Immigration policy. No further example can be found than the incident that occurred in the Texas Senate a few days back during a hearing on legislation. A resident of Texas from Mexico, whom we assume to be legal to be in the hearing and who came to Texas in 1988, chose to speak Spanish through an interpreter to the Texas Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee. The individual, Antoline Aguire, was there representing the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition was testifying against Senate Bill 9 that would help crack down on illegal immigrants in Texas. Republican Texas Senator Chris Harris took a bit of offense that the man had been in Texas since 1988 and could not speak English. The interpreter clarified that the man could speak English, but preferred Spanish. Needless to say, the good Senator from Arlington was none too pleased. Here is the clip:

What this exemplifies has been a liberal agenda to reject the dogma of the Great American Melting Pot where you follow the American Flag, speak English, abide by US laws, and be productive towards the benefits of the US of A. Instead, liberal Marxists want a total rejection of American values and culture, language, and denial of applicability of laws towards the generation of current immigrants. The attempts at the implementation of Sharia Law in our courts is another example to stand beside this one. In short, it is time as conservatives to reject this liberal diatribe openly and aggressively and stand our ground on the preservation and promotion of the conservative agenda.

I think it is important to point out that I am love with the Hispanic community – literally. My wife, Carol Gomez-Yancy, is Hispanic and that makes my 4 kids Hispanic. I love the culture, the family values, the love for Christ, and fiscal responsibility. What I do not like are groups like Laraza who are poverty pimps and want to keep Hispanics in lockstep with liberal Democrat policies. It is critical the conservatives get off their butts and get aggressive about involving Hispanics in the conservative movement. Groups like the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and Texas’ own GOPis for Me are making great strides. My issue is that there should be no highlight of Hispanic and Republican – it should all be one. It underscores an issue we have to resolve and resolve now.

When we do that, then maybe we can get away from “Press 1 for English”.


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4 responses to “Press 1 for English

  1. tom

    I don’t see the big deal.. A lot to do over nothing.
    Get a life.

    • Thanks for your input. Part of my life is political blogging. As such, I am particiapting and have a life. This blog is dedicated to conservative values and opinions. I also respect the opinions of others, such as your own. However, if these topics are too hot for your senses, I would refrain from reading the blog.


  2. Lisa

    What language did your grandparents or great grandparents speak when they came to this country? Do you think people learn English overnight? Did you know that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world? Guess what number 3 is? Why, its English! Imagine that. Even more shocking, Chinese is #1! Most people who come to this country — as was the same with our forefathers — for opportunity AND for equality. Equality is mentioned in our constitution. The same document you and your crusty, delusional conservative cronies recite over and over again when it comes to gun control. Do us all a favor and keep to your white self. This land is OUR land. That means all of us. Even those who came here to seek something better than from where they came. And, you can take your blog and stick it up your big white ass.

    • Well, I’ll tell what my grandparents spoke. On my dad’s side, they were Hugoenots from France run out of the country under religious persecution. They came over in the 1620’s and spoke French and English and obviously used English here. My mother’s side was German & Irish that came over in the 1780’s and spoke German & English and obviously used English. My mother’s father side is Lakota Sioux. So, my family is mixed and been here awhile.

      Like most liberals, you missed the point of the article. There is no issue retaining your culture, but the point of coming to America was to blend. That has changed. If we lived China or Mexico, we would speak Chinese or Spanish or be shoved to the curb economically, so your point was meaningless. Not adopting English has not a thing to do with equality. It hurts immigrants here, legal or not, in getting goods and services and being taken advantage of. If you are not aware of that, please stop trying to pass yourself off as a progressive.

      Regarding the constitution, that document my “…crusty, delusional, conservative cronies…” recite is what allows mental midgets like you to even have a voice and spew your poison.

      Your comments infer I am biased against anyone other that white people; a common error from liberal loons as yourself. As I have already written, my family includes native Lakota Sioux. I also married a Hispanic women. Not because she was or was not Hispanic, but because I love her. Her family hails from both Aztec Mexico and Spain and despise race pimps like you. They speak both Spanish and English, just so you know.

      Regarding my “…white ass…”, I don’t recall showing it to you, but I can assure you I get darker than you in the summer. So take your racist view and stick it up your fanny. If you don’t like the blog and can’t handle it, don’t read it.

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