Grace Under Pressure

This blog will be short and sweet, as the focus does not need to be on witty banter, political barnstorming, conspiracy theories rumored about, or any other distraction from the fact that 2996 souls, American and international, were lost on September 11, 2001.

We need to remember the grace under pressure the passengers must have had on planes that crashed into the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2 once they realized the terrible fate they were speeding to….

We need to remember the brave men and women who decided to make a stand on United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania…..

We need to remember the First Responders in New York and Washington, DC. who risked their lives to help their fellow-man…..

We need to remember those men and women who went through untold rubble to search for survivors while risking their personal health and well-being….

We need to remember our brave members of the military who went to enforce justice upon those responsible for the attacks and continue to do so today…..

We also need to remember that in all of this sorrow and tragedy, that our country was able to brush back the tears and come together as  a nation with a single purpose to protect the greatest nation on God’s green earth……

May we come together once again to remember….. 

God Bless America.

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