In need of a Dandelion Break

In the 80’s my favorite comic strip was Bloom County. Not that the author and I shared the same political philosophy (Berke Breathed is a tad liberal), but because the strip had a way to approach issues and taboos in a way that made me smile. For example, we had stress in the Middle East in the 80’s (guess that is here to stay…) and the Bloom County crew addressed it like this:

Now we still have these issues and you could substitute it with any of the following: Record US Debt Threatens American Dream, SCOTUS aid POTUS in further shredding of Constitution, Billary Trying Backdoor UN Gun Ban, President Obama Caught wearing Michele Obama’s Dress, etc.

OK, I threw the last one in for humor. My point is that if you listen to all the garbage all the time, Jack and Jill don’t run up the hill – they might jump off the darn thing.

Now we have this Bane wanna be fouling up the premier of the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises by blowing up and shooting attendees at the movie house. It is sad and tragic and anyone with a heart is saying prayers for those lost and injured. While I am not totally convinced this incident was not a plant by the anti-gun crowd, for now we are going to classify this nut for what he is. From all appearances, literally the garb of this nutjob, he read too much of the movie trailer and decided to wreak a little of his own havoc on the citizens of Aurora. What this whacko forgot is that The Dark Knight Rises is art, not life, and in real life psycho’s like those portrayed in the character Bane don’t get to ruin a city. They get hunted down out of the chute and in most cases end up taking the celestial dirt nap.

As usual, we are hearing from the libs about gun control. New York City idiot Michael Bloomberg is calling for Barry and Mitt to commit to gun control. This is the same idiot who recently made 16 once drinks or larger against the law. HEY NEW YORK – WILL YOU TOSS THIS MORON OUT NEXT ELECTION? HE’S MAKING YOU LOOK BAD! I am also seeing where psycho babblists’ are claiming that now you and I will have trauma anytime we go to the theater.

Folks – time to take a dandelion break and collect ourselves. The sky is not falling. 

First, let’s get real on how to prevent this nonsense in the future. It is high time we get away from all of this licensing of firearms for concealment and get back to what the 2nd Amendment is for – to protect yourself. I promise you if the people in the Aurora movie had been openly carrying their guns, this jackwagon thinks twice about the atrocity he committed. We have the Heller Supreme Court Case behind us. Why in God’s name are we tolerating ANY infringement to protect ourselves?

For the psycho babble artists who plan on increasing their billable hours by professing we all now need counseling – go suck an egg! I plan on going to see the last of this Batman series just like I see any other movie – with my .40 Glock 27 loaded with hollow points. What that means for the stupid criminal coming to my theater planning on shooting people , when I shoot them in the chest protecting my family, the bullet will blow a nice, big hole out of their backside. As such, I don’t plan on missing any movie I want to pay to see and neither should you.

It would be nice if politics were never around these tragedies, but they are. It’s human nature to have knee-jerk reactions. We just cannot allow those knee-jerk reactions to lead any law that reduces our freedoms. Right now our 2nd Amendment rights have never been more in peril.

Pray for the victims. Pray for the nutjob who committed this crime as well.

And for Opus’s sake, take a dandelion break!



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2 responses to “In need of a Dandelion Break

  1. Funny how the rest of the civilized world has fewer guns and fewer gun crimes. I’m not sure why you think more guns would lead to fewer gun crimes.

    • One of the challenges with freedom is that it is never free. In the countries you claim have fewer gun crimes (yet fail to name), if indeed they have fewer guns, that does not correlate to lower crime. Criminals will continue to commit crimes regardless of the laws and availability of guns.

      The ability to protect yourself is a Constitutional right via the 2nd Amendment. Founding Fathers knew that unarmed citizens are ripe for tyrannical rule as well as being at the mercy of those who have no value for life in their pursuit of crime. 239 years later, that principle has not changed.

      If you look back at history when we were all carrying in an open manner, The Old West, while crime was out there, mass murder was not. Why? Thugs walked into a room and saw citizens carrying pistols and/or rifles. Now, I am not proposing a return to the Old West, but if you can acquire a license to carry concealed, why not take the next step to open carry? Criminals are cowards, even jihadists. If they have a plan and walk in and see an armed citizenry, they will think twice.

      The shooting in San Bernardino is another case where this incident could have been altered had someone in the room been carrying a weapon. California has some of the strictness gun laws in the nation that make it very difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. The terrorist that performed this action were all too aware of this in their murdering rampage.

      One other point, Tom. We are a nation at war with Radical Islam. Last time I checked, you arm yourself for war.

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