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Rocky – err, Romney II

While last night’s debate will be compared to a heavy weight bout for years to come, the scorecard that the President edged Romney will change in the next few days. Why?  Very simply, Obama lied on the facts, kept lying about Romney, and made himself look like something that will come back to bite him: un-Presidential.

The debate was more reminiscent of Rockem, Sockem Robots and Rocky II where Rocky Balboa (Romney here) and Apollo Creed (Obama) came out swinging at one another and never stopped. Romney had the good manners to thank everyone at first, although he did drag that on too long to adequately answer the first question. Creed, I mean Barry, did not even thank or acknowledge the first question presenter, but went right for a body blow. Thus the tone for the night was set. While men in general liked what we saw last night in the debate, Obama may have damaged himself in a minor degree with women that would have preferred him not to have been the first to cut off the other debater or interject heckling, as Barry did throughout the debate. It will take a week or so for that to filter through the polls.

But that’s not why Romney won. Yes, he won and I’ll explain why. It’s not that Barry did not improve his comatose performance from the first debate – he did. However, being more aggressive about lying on the facts, continuing to call Romney a liar when Romney isn’t , and in essence having no clear plan to get the nation out of the quagmire he has created does not win him the debate. He said nothing we had not heard before, he had no defence for the prosecution Romney laid down on his record, and trying to bully Romney backfired. He expected Romney to be more of a gentlemen so Barry could run roughshod over him, but Romney stayed toe to toe with Barry. Instead of looking like a confident incumbent President, he looked like a scared candidate. And it showed with the focus groups shown after the debate who switched to Romney after the debate. That is another reason why I doubt the President will continue to get his edge win in the debate as he is now. CNN and CBS always have a bias on their snapshot polls and as more facts on Barry’s lies hit the press, and they will, the debate will swing every so slightly to Romney.

Scoring the fight – jabs and body shots
Obama – There is no question he scored multiple jabs and body shots to Romney with his aggressive stance for the night. He worked hard at painting Romney as the rich guy, which he is. He worked hard to convince people who Romney would tax the middle class to help the rich, he shamelessly pandered to women that Romney would reverse their gains, and he tried to paint himself as the energy guru. However, he never landed a knockout for a reason – his record does not back up his statements. Romney  –  well he kept jabbing back at Barry every time Barry threw out a lie and never left a hard hit come to the chin.

Women’s rights – both did well here. Obama talked about the Lily Ledbetter Bill and how BO Care pays for contraception. Romney did well talking about his choices in his cabinet as Governor. However, Romney missed at chance at a haymaker here – the Ledbetter Bill was not the pay act women wanted as it was his gift to trial lawyers to create more suits. Doubt that fact – read the bill. Regarding BO Care, Romney should have KO’d him on the fact the women have the right to choose birth control, but John and Jane Q Citizen should not have to pay for it with their taxes.

Earning the vote – Barry answered this question in the manner his base wants – moving forward and taking no responsibility for the past. Romney gave a concise answer on what his plan is.

Immigration – Romney answered well and in a manner that probably irritated hard-core conservatives and eased moderate Republicans. Obama showed to have a Clinton like form of teflon, talking about his progress in immigration and laying blame for no bill on Immigration on the Republicans in Congress. Romney returned a short uppercut reminding Obama that he had a Democrat super majority when he came into the Presidency and that Romney himself was not the standard-bearer here.

Missed haymakers
BO Care – I was surprised at how little BO Care was discussed in the debate. I have a feeling that might have been the moderator injecting bias. It did creep in and Obama missed a chance to knock down Romney here. BO Care is modeled after Romneycare. Barry could have scored some points here and missed out. Romney missed his shot on reply on Barry’s statement on women’s issues.

Gun Rights – this question will get some major discussion as Barry’s answers get dissected in the next few days. He is on record now for wanting to re-introduce an assault rifle ban. Romney missed here. He could have shown that when the Brady Bill was in effect there was no effect on gun violence, homicides, or suicides. Doubt that fact? Check out the University  of Virginia Law study posted in 2003 Romney should have hammered him here. While Romney mentioned Fast & Furious, he was too nice about it. Obama has the blood of federal border patrol agents on his hands and the blood of countless Mexican citizens killed by this program. Doubt that? Then why did he invoke Executive Privilege and stonewall the investigation.

Taxes – Barry did his normal “rope a dope” on Romney claiming he’ll tax the poor and give to the rich. Advice to Barry – learn some economics before you attempt to have a tax conversation involving math. You stink at it. Romney has explained this well enough where it does not wash anymore. But Lord help me, why did Romney not knock Barry’s block off regarding BO Care being a tax????? BO Care is the largest tax increase on the middle class and small businesses in the history of the nation! This would have been the equivalent of hitting Barry with a fistful of hammers.

The Term “Prior Republican Policies”
I have to reach for the duct tape when libs call upon the “failed policies of the Bush Era that crippled the economy”. Hmm – I call BS on that and Romney should have as well when Barry reached for that old, stale line in the debate. Let’s examine some facts. In 1977 under then President Jimmy Carter guidance, Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act. In short – the federal government mandated private banks and savings & loans find ways to lend to poor people for buying homes. If you want to remember the result, check the record 12 years later in the S&L bailout that came from this policy. Reagan kept it down during tenure, as did Bush 41. Clinton came to office and had Robert Rubin put the program on steroids during his stint at POTUS. Bush 43 made the mistake of continuing the program under his goal to expand home ownership and the house of cards finally collapsed. By the time Bush 43 came in, mortgage wraps and derivative trading were well into play. So, the actual phrase should be The failed democrat policies of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton that George Bush did not stop. Someone at the RNC really needs to work on this.

Devastating knock downs

Energy/ Gas Prices – 
Barry got his head handed to him here.  Romney was correct in the fact that Obama has reduced permits for drilling on public lands by gross percentages and was correct to press him on the amount approved. Barry tried to take credit for production on private land, such as North Dakota. The facts about the Keystone Pipeline and how Barry has killed jobs was very effective. Anyone around energy ( I would be one of them) knows full well that Barry has strangled domestic oil and gas production in pursuit of green energy. Hey, I am a fan of green energy and promote our company heavily, but not at the expense of an industry that has given us the greatest standard of living known to man. Barry got caught lying here and he knew it.

The Economy – Romney was like a head criminal prosecutor in his  review of the US economy under Barry. Rising costs in all consumer sectors, poverty, food stamps, the unemployment rate, the under employed, women’s poverty, the trillions in new debt, etc. Barry tried to go back to blaming Bush, who does bear some responsibility. However, you have to make do with what you have. Romney using Reagan dealing with a 10% plus national unemployment rate and turning things around clearing hit Obama hard.

China – Barry took a shot that blew up in his face. His administration has shipped so many jobs to China that they speak Mandarin at the US ship docks. He has sold trillions of our debt to them, has allowed dumping of products by the Chinese on our markets, and refuses to call them on the carpet for currency manipulation. Romney not only addressed how to deal with China, he handled the investment issue aggressively and showed Barry he was a two-faced hypocrite.

Libya – Sorry my liberal friends, Barry did not win this, even with Candy Crowley’s help. When you are wrong, you’re wrong. When you have the facts and you state something else – you are lying. Other than for political CYA in an election year, there is no reason for Barry’s camp to keep attempting to cover this up. If you screwed up, admit it. Barry came close when he took responsibility away from SOS Clinton. He had the stage to set the record straight by saying that he had screwed up, apologize, and ask for the nations forgiveness. It would have been scathing, but Presidential, and I think would have shut the door on the topic. Instead, he outright lied. There was no classification as a terror attack by the White House until September 25. Mentioning acts of terror in a statement and stating the attack was an act of terrorism are 2 different things and Barry knows this. UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on the Sunday talk show tour 5 days later stating Libya was the result of spontaneous attack incited by some idiot video that had come out 4 months ago. Romney knocked him down here and would have been out if Crowley had not contaminated the process.

Scoring Candy Crowley
I give her a D. First, she had no control over Barry at all as evidenced by the fact he had 10% more time to talk. I have no issue letting him talk, but Candy cut Romney off 5 different times where Barry was allowed to land jabs without response. She also had little control over Romney. Then her interjection into the Libya question just illuminated her bias. While she has since issued a retraction on her interference, the fact it happened most likely means we have seen her for moderator for the last time.

It was a good bout and the final rematch could end up being a KO for one of the candidates for the election.

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The Unfriendly Skies for American Airlines.

Amid all the election year hoopla, rotten economic data, and watching the College Football Top 25 getting turned on its ear again for another week is the story going on at American Airlines. As I live in the DFW Metroplex and know the value AMR Corporation has brought to the area since the early 80’s when they located their hq here, I am more than a tad concerned about what is going on with the airliner.

Effectively, something very suspect is happening to American Airlines. Now American has never had the best on time record in or out of DFW International Airport. Part of that has been an ineffective plan to rectify the problems of distance from the gates to the runways. DFW, when built, was not the most efficient use of land design for runways to gates; falling into the category of “Bigger and Better in Texas”. Problem here is that bigger was not better. However, what is occurring right now is beyond gate and runway issues of getting flights in the air.

This is sabotage.

American is the last of the large airlines to seek bankruptcy to get its financial house in order. After years of hemmoraghing losses for labor contracts it could no longer afford, AMR filed for Chapter 11 in November of 2011. Chapter 11 allows an entity to continue operations as it restructures its debt. Delta Airlines entered into Chapter 11 in 2005 and emerged out of it in 2007. When Delta filed, it took 4 of the top 7 carriers in the industry into Chapter 11 with it. When Delta came out of Chapter 11, it was leaner and meaner, able to acquire Northwest Airlines. Northwest had also filed Chapter 11 at the same time as Delta. Today, Delta and Northwest represent the second largest carrier in the industry. American has needed this move for quite some time.

For the liberals reading this – unlike what Barry did with GM and Chrysler, where he put aside US contract law and placed the auto unions into ownership ahead of invested bondholders (also spending billions in US tax dollars that would not have been needed had he stayed out of the process), what is supposed to happen is a debtor negotiates with their debt holders, labor contracts, etc to get costs down so they can remain in business. It is what the Chapter 11 laws were created for. Believe it or not, a company can file for Chapter 11 and survive. United Airlines, now number one in the industry since its merger with Continental filed for Chapter 11 in 2002. It took 4 years to get through the process, but made them a leaner company and attractive enough to be merged into a great situation with Continental.

However, we have a rotten situation going on with AMR’s Chapter 11 filing. They made the mistake of filing under the big labor administration of the BHO,  as well as being located in Texas. That is a double whammy. AMR has never had the rosiest relations with labor with its pilots and flight attendants. There were issue in the 1990’s. Workers accepted pay cuts in 2003 to avoid bankruptcy then from the after effects of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. AMR has 3 labor unions to contend with – the Allied Pilots Association, the Transport Workers Union, and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. AMR has a website for all of these negotiations called . Here is some interesting data from the site:

  • AMR and the APA have been in negotiations for 63 months; 43 of which is mediated.
  • AMR has been in negotiations with several TWU factions for a long as 49 months, with mediation for 34 months. According to the site, 85% of issues are resolved.
  • AMR and the APFA have been in negotiations for 42 months, of which 34 has been mediated.

And people wonder why they declared Chapter 11….

Here is some interesting information not being reported in the lamestream media:

  • AMR pilots calling in sick is at all time high. Twenty percent (20%) called in sick last month.
  • Union reports to AMR show their pilots calling in sick between 6 to 7% each month for the past year. October 2011 was 9.5%
  • Crews are slowing flights by calling in large numbers of maintenance reports.

The AP has a great article on this in more detail at Take a moment and read through it.

Now, the pride of the American fleet the Boeing 757, has loose seats? Really?? Of course the TWU has declared that these issues must be related to mismanagement and outsourced labor. That according to reports from the Dallas Business Journal Only one challenge here – AMR is not outsourcing this area of maintenance.

Pure and simple – this is union sabotage and terrorism against American Airlines. In any other adminstration, including Clinton’s, the FAA and the Labor Department would be in the middle of this to stop this from escalating to a point where a plane crashes and this airline goes under. I happen to remember the last big airline that went under here in Texas at DFW Airport. It was a carrier called Braniff and they could not survive deregulation of the industry. Many ex-Braniff people got picked up by American when they came to Texas. However, if the unions push this to the point where AMR goes belly up, don’t look for a savior like American was for Braniff. While US Airways has indicated an interest to take over AMR (the unions have thrown their support to this transaction), it will not be pretty here in Texas if US Airways comes in to pick through the remains of AMR. US Airways has filed Chapter 11 twice in the past 10 years to get themselves lean and mean. As such, they have no intention of taking on the baggage of AMR in its labor issues and you can rest assured they will rid themselves of any labor they feel are responsible for taking down AMR. Also, they want AMR’s flight routes and gates at DFW. They are drooling to get those gates, equipment, and routes for pennies on the dollar. So the unions are cutting their throats along with AMR’s with this economic terrorism being pulled right now.

If this continues requiring American to continue to cancel flights over the next week, look for this debacle to creep into the Presidential race. It is a classic example of how far left unions have gone under BHO and their tactics to strong arm companies. The federal agencies that are in place to oversee this are not doing there job because of politics. If this continues, it will be bad for AMR, all the labor unions, the airline industry, and the US economy.

AMR is worth saving. Not with new laws or taxpayor dollars in a bailout, but by allowing it to re-emerge through the framework of US contract law determined by a free market of supply and demand. This is a time for the federal government in the FAA and Labor Department to look into the union sabatage and stop it in its tracks to protect the people.

All the people….


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Playing the percentages

Lots of percentages being thrown around lately. France raising its top tax rate to 75% on the wealthy, Romney’s 47% that he estimates will vote for Barry, the 14% he paid in taxes (which I feel is on the money for all of us); the 6% of undecided voters who will decide the next President of the US.

It goes on and on…. Rasmussen has one of the better polling systems and here is some data from last week:

58% of Americans feel we are in a recession….
Only 36% of Americans feel the US economy is the best in the world….
45% feel US-Muslim relations worse than 4 years ago…
45% feel US & Allies are winning the war on terror…

Oh, but there’s more. Four days ago critical reports on several sectors in our economy came out. Not real pretty:

The national GDP was revised from 1.7% growth down to 1.3% for the 2nd quarter…
Durable goods orders were down 13.9%. To jog your memory, January 2009 was the last time they were that bad.
Orders for transportation equipment were off 35%!

Hope and change….. Hope and change…… Hope and change…..

If all of this was not enough to get you motivated to bring 10 friends to vote, ponder this:

The unemployment rate under Barry has been above 8% for over 43 months. The longest in US history.
Food stamp benefits have increase 51% since 2008. One in five americans are now on food stamps.
When Barry took office gas averaged $1.95/gallon. Now its 3.72/gallon. That is a 190% increase…..
Wholesale food prices are up 8% this year and are showing no sign of slowing….

But he needs 4 more years to fix the problems he inherited from Bush……

Here’s a real life percentage of American’s that will get screwed to the wall if Barry gets those 4 more years:


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