Playing the percentages

Lots of percentages being thrown around lately. France raising its top tax rate to 75% on the wealthy, Romney’s 47% that he estimates will vote for Barry, the 14% he paid in taxes (which I feel is on the money for all of us); the 6% of undecided voters who will decide the next President of the US.

It goes on and on…. Rasmussen has one of the better polling systems and here is some data from last week:

58% of Americans feel we are in a recession….
Only 36% of Americans feel the US economy is the best in the world….
45% feel US-Muslim relations worse than 4 years ago…
45% feel US & Allies are winning the war on terror…

Oh, but there’s more. Four days ago critical reports on several sectors in our economy came out. Not real pretty:

The national GDP was revised from 1.7% growth down to 1.3% for the 2nd quarter…
Durable goods orders were down 13.9%. To jog your memory, January 2009 was the last time they were that bad.
Orders for transportation equipment were off 35%!

Hope and change….. Hope and change…… Hope and change…..

If all of this was not enough to get you motivated to bring 10 friends to vote, ponder this:

The unemployment rate under Barry has been above 8% for over 43 months. The longest in US history.
Food stamp benefits have increase 51% since 2008. One in five americans are now on food stamps.
When Barry took office gas averaged $1.95/gallon. Now its 3.72/gallon. That is a 190% increase…..
Wholesale food prices are up 8% this year and are showing no sign of slowing….

But he needs 4 more years to fix the problems he inherited from Bush……

Here’s a real life percentage of American’s that will get screwed to the wall if Barry gets those 4 more years:


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