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Full Court Press

I am not sure if “unhinged” accurately describes the response from most of the media since Trump’s victory. It started on election night with Rachael Maddow at MSNBC who made no attempt to mask her hatred of Trump when it was becoming apparent of who the next POTUS was going to be. She nearly melted down on the show and set the example for the rest of the left leaning media – do a full court press on the next leader of the free world.

Harass, criticize at all cost, disrupt at every possible moment, and set a new standard for hypocrisy right out of the chute…

So let’s start with the snarkiness in the media since November 8:

General Attitude of the Trump Victory and his Supporters
Too many examples here to list, but turn on any channel other than Fox and you hear constant smears of the President- Elect. They are still in Campaign for Hillary Mode, in full denial of reality, and signaling from the start that they will not give Trump any fair coverage in any manner. Tell me how this helps the nation in any manner? The job of the press is to report the news, not be the news.  If a scintilla of effort had been done to hack at Barry O out of the chute like what Trump is already seeing, the left would have quashed the critical source with cries of racism, calls of unpatriotic action, and any number of smear tactics that would have been designed to destroy any opposition. Had Hillary won, the same set of protective walls would have been erected for her. With one change: sexism would have replaced racism.

Then there is the examination of the supporters. For people who are as educated as they are, the liberal press show how stupid they really can be at times. In the internalization of how HRC lost, they just don’t see how people can support Trump. In their mind, HRC hit the nail on the head in the “deplorable” list. What was that list again? Oh, yeah, I remember now. Let’s list them in order from HRC’s mouth:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Homophobic
  • Xenophobic
  • Islamaphobic

I don’t know why she didn’t just add “white trash” to the list? I mean, isn’t that what the elite think “fly over country” is composed of anyway?

Now here is the best part – I am hearing stories in this same press pool now that there needs to be a more “open” dialogue with the nation to address needs. That is code for “We did not see this coming, you deplorable Trump supporters thwarted our polling, and we would appreciate it if you would scratch your demands on a rock so we can have them analyzed for mutant contagion so we can look superior once again. Love & Kisses – the Liberal Media“.

Can you say detached and lost in translation?

Good! I knew you could!

May We Tag Along Mr. Trump?
This is going to be fun to watch. Trump is about as public a man in the private sector as they come, being covered by press constantly before his run for POTUS. This past week, Trump ditched his press pool to have dinner with his family. My guess is he knows this may be one of the last times he can have a dinner with the wife and kids in public without the press fawning over every bite. Apparently, the press pool did not take this well and issued a letter the next day requesting a pool bet set up immediately to cover him from now to the end of his presidency.

Hmm. Seem to remember a Hawaiian vacation in 2008 for then President-Elect Barry O and his ditching the press pool to take the girls to a water park. Don’t recall any outrage then…….

O Hypocrisy, why doth thou keep rearing thy ugly head?

Will You Hurry Up and Appoint People?!?!?
Amid bowl movements aplenty, the media is having a fit that Trump does not roll out the new Cabinet appointees this week. Forget about the fact that is recent history going back to Reagan that most appointments don’t come until 6 weeks after the election. Bush 41 was the exception, but he was the former VP and had a leg up in the process. Even BHO did not have people appointed at this point. You know the hypocrisy is high when David Axelrod tweets about this fact with BHO and does not recall getting harassed for it then.

So why the rush? Its not that the press really care about who Trump appoints. They need fresh, new targets to shred and smear. Their world has been turned upside down. The plan was to fawn over HRC, crush any dissent, and just ooh and awe over her every move. More importantly, the press was going to be HRC’s public defender over her “alleged” criminal activities when her prosecution began. And prosecuted she would have been, for the email scandal was just the tip of iceberg. The Clinton Foundation has all of the elements of a non-profit being used to enrich the pockets of its members – Bill & Hillary. That is a violation of the section of the Tax Code that non-profits are organized under and why the FBI is still poking around. The real bombshell is going to be when the Foundation investigation turns up evidence of violations of federal election laws regarding the misuse of “donations” and re-routing funds to the Clinton Campaign.

Remember that you read it hear first.

Those Precious Cupcakes and Anarchists
Remember when Trump threw out the chance he might not accept election night results? The howls across the media of foul play rattled television sets. Can you imagine if HRC won and Trump supporters went into the streets to protest? The liberal media would have CRUSHED them with calls of calm, you must accept the rule of legal elections, and can’t we just get along. When that wore thin, then name calling would have kicked in: Brown shirts, Nazis, Fascists (that one is still being used…), etc.

Where in blazes are these voices of reason now? You have riots, not protests, going on in certain areas of the country. A protest is peaceful and no one will bother that process. Riots are when people and property are attacked as is going on now, yet I hear no one out there calling for calm, etc. Instead, what I hear from the liberal press is acceptance.

“Oh, those crazy kids are just exercising their First Amendment rights voicing their displeasure with Trump. Paid protesters – there is no evidence of that. Those are not anarchists tearing up cities where protests are occurring. Those are just frustrated kids. That’s not assault occurring on campuses by the cupcakes who cannot handle reality against anyone who shows or speaks support for Trump.”


How deplorable.

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Welcome to Trumpland!

Breathe deep… Do you smell that? It’s the fragrant aroma of newborn freedom.

Thank you, deal Lord. My first amendment gag has been removed.

For those of you wondering why my posts have been few and far between for a while, let me simply state that I have been politically suppressed. My involvement with a client who the Obama Administration has shredded their 4th Amendment rights and has placed in witness protection as a political prisoner has forced quiet from yours truly. It is a sad story of one of the many illegal activities of Barry O that will chill your bones. While that is a fascinating story that I will write about soon, that is for another day.

Today, we celebrate freedom. We celebrate the victory of Donald J Trump and the political landscape of Trumpland (aka the United States of America). Yes, that sea of red on political maps is real. When final tally is in Arizona and Michigan will go into the Trump column for a total of 306 electoral votes. The following states are trending back to the red side and will be there by the 2018 mid terms – Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

It Sucks to be stupid

Ahh, my little cupcakes in academia who need safe zones and violate the free speech of those you oppose: take a deeeeeep breath and slowly exhale. The sun will still rise each day and there will not be gang of radical Republicans coming to your dorm to gag and bind you. That practice will hopefully stop with the exit of Barry O, the one man who has done more to erode freedom than anyone since Mao Se Tung, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler. You get to protest in the streets and burn the flag in effigy because you have the right under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. I would suggest that in all of the high-priced tuition you are paying, that someone teach you about the electoral college. It was established to give smaller states power in the election process and ensure that their voices are heard. I know people inside large cities are still reeling from the results, but that sea of red on the electoral map represents actual people who have a different political viewpoint.

Electoral Realignment and the Fall of the Big Blue Wall

Right now, pollsters and Democrats are scratching their heads in the collapse of the Big Blue Wall. Answer – it’s the economy stupid. Not only did Trump take Iowa, Michigan,  Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin; Trump came close in Minnesota. The job losses in these states since the last Clinton Administration and the signing of NAFTA by Bill Clinton is criminal. How these states have not collapsed against the Dems before now is more of a mystery than why they turned now. The nation started getting more red in 2010 and 2014 with the Congressional Mid Terms. 2012 was off for 2 reasons – 1. Obama’s criminal actions in sicking the IRS on conservative political action groups in 2011 after the 2010 wipe out of the House. The reason that came to light and became one of many Obama scandals was due to a group in Texas that sent the IRS stonewall tactics to US Congressman Bill Flores. The rest is history,  2. Romney being the GOP nominee. Let’s be honest here – nominating a former corporate raider who put people out of jobs and just happened to be the author of the blueprint to Obamacare with Romneycare was as big a brain fart as the GOP has had since nominating Bob Dole in 1996. A better candidate could and should have stopped the bleeding 4 years ago.

States trending red that will turn by the 2018 mid terms: Colorado, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire. Remember you read it here first.

Political Correctness

I have to admit, I don’t watch the likes of CNN (Clinton News Network) or MSNBC (code for the Democrat Channel) because 5 minutes into them and I want to puke with all of the lies they purvey. However, I do enjoy watching them writhe in pain when conservatives are winning at the ballot box. One of the reasons the cupcakes are protesting is because they believed in the tripe being fed to them by the likes of these networks and other liberal media outlets. Folks, Trump is not a racist. If one country is allowing people to come to another country, and part of the demographic of those people include people who have committed crimes, then the other nation should be called onto the carpet. That is called stating facts. While the manner in which the facts are stated may be unpleasant, distasteful, and even offensive in delivery – every person in the nation has a right to their opinion. The suppression of free speech and ideas has been at a dangerous level in this nation under Barry O.  The world is a harsh place, but the ability to express the truth must be allowed to shine. It makes us stronger.

The Obama Legacy
Suppression of free speech, inflaming racial tension, issuing more Executive Orders than any other President in History, Racking up more debt than all other Presidents combined, over 2000 new regulations issued under his directive (ObamaCare being the worst), overseeing the worst economy since the Great Depression, turning over internet registration to the UN (did you know that?), being known as the Great Apologist, depleting our military, abuse of veterans, practicing isolationism and abandoning our allies on foreign policy, and helping lay to waste 50 years of work in the Middle East that lead to the rise of Isis is the legacy he leaves behind.

It won’t be hard for Trump to do better.

Moving Forward

Black Lives Matter
Yes, they do. However, all lives matter. One of the problems in this nation that I will lay blame right at the feet of the Democratic Party is the practice playing the race and segregation card. It is divide and conquer and must stop. I don’t like the monikers of “African-Americans”, “Hispanic-American”, or what other class titles have been created by liberals for the exploitation of a specific sect. We are all Americans and need to embrace that fact. Having written that, let’s be perfectly honest, the black community under Obama is far worse off economically now than when he first entered the Oval Office. That has resulted in a lack of choices for blacks in certain areas, which has led to poverty, and thus to crime. Crime leads to arrest and thus the issues with police. America needs the black community to be more successful and prosperous.

So, how do you fix it? Well, it begins in the home. Rebuilding the black family where there is a mother and a father in the home is critical. While it is a documented fact of my disdain for Obama politically, the one area I will give him BIG kudos for is his example of a successful black family. He has done a great job and all Americans can look to him and Michele at the great job they have done. I sincerely hope he works in the black community to keep that light shining.

Education and economic opportunity are the keys for not just the black community, but any community that wants to elevate its standard of living. Education is not necessarily college, but getting the solid foundation of primary education. Then it is time to re-worked the narrative on career options. College is not for everyone, as the current class of non-working college graduates will agree with. Statistics show only 3 of 10 high school graduates go to college. So, why in blazes is no one talking about what the other 7 of 10 need to do? The trades are a needed class of the workforce that is woefully understaffed. Plumbers, HVAC, pipefitters, and electrical contractors have a strong demand in the market. The US infrastructure is going to have to be overhauled. It will take time and will need far more labor than is in the workforce now. There is currently a 60000 driver deficit for long haul trucking that requires a clean driving record and very low cost driving school. These are all high paying careers that do not require college and have a low participation rate from the black community.

Of course, let’s not forget about tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that is waiting to erupt in this community. There are existing programs for minorities that I know about, but never hear squat from anyone in the press on how to access and use them. The Small Business Administration ( exists to help minorities and small businesses succeed with access to low-interest loans as well as being the gateway to federal government contracting. While there are a slew of minorities taking advantage of what the SBA can offer, this is arena where the black community has a great opportunity to expand its presence in this program under the growth that will start coming the nations way under a Trump Administration.

Revving the Economic Engine

This is the cornerstone in the new foundation Trump will lay down. Look for small reforms in the tax code on corporate, capital gains, and repatriation tax rates to get large (and I do mean large) sums of capital coming back into the states. Look for large reforms in regulations to come in the first 100 days to get the weight off business where it can start to grow again. Top on that list – the Affordable Care Act that we all know as ObamaCare. This leviathan is a year away from collapse on its own.

Once these reforms start going, it will not take long for growth to occur. Take a gander at Wall Street right now. While the DJIA tanked 800 plus points in pre-trading numbers the night of the election, it was next to nil by the time the markets opened and as of this writing, the Dow is at its highest level in history. The globe has been waiting for almost 9 years to cut loose on growth. As the US goes, so goes the world.


That loud sucking sound of jobs leaving the US under bad trade agreements like NAFTA will come to an end. Not getting into Trans Pacific Partnership will also save jobs.  Look for tariffs on Chinese goods coming into equal that of what China places on US goods it allow to import. Now, for those who don’t like tariffs since they are a tax ( yours truly being one), they do have a place against unfair competition. China and Mexico have slave labor rates that keep people in poverty in their nations. When jobs leave here for there, poverty is a result here. Remember the Fall of the Big Blue Wall was due to loss of manufacturing jobs, so there is no issue with leveling the playing field. What will this do other than tick off the Chinese? CREATE MANUFACTURING JOBS!!!!!!! Manufacturing means more industrial real estate sales/leases and improvement to the locations, which require construction crews to do the improvements, etc., etc., etc. More freight has to be moved, which means for money for trucking, shipping, etc.

If you are not excited yet, you should be.

Reestablishing the US abroad

The damage Obama/Clinton has done here may take a generation to reverse. There is more to this than I can write today, but the global Obama/Clinton FUBAR is real. Getting back with allies won’t take much, taking out Isis is very doable, but bad actors have been allowed to proliferate (Iran, N Korea). These actors are going to be more difficult due to Obama/Clinton. While Russia is not the enemy many think, the fact that the US withdrew in areas and Russia stepped in to be the influencing nation will not change any time soon. Trump being strong with Putin will calm things, but there will not be a reverse of territories seized. Iran is now more of a threat than ever. However, even a depleted US military can still kick the ass of any other army on the planet and I do think nations will think twice now with Trump in the White House.

The Supreme Court

This is the crown jewel in the Presidential Prize. A nominee to replace the late Justice Scalia will be first order. Two to three other Supreme Court nominees could come over the next 4 years, due to the advancing age of the Justices. Yes, the court will reflect a more conservative view with Trump now. For the liberals swooning at this thought, don’t dive off the deep end, as this is better for all people. The fact is, the Supremes NEVER need to be legislating from the bench. Conservative judges have shown a better track record for this. Liberal appointments have shown no restraint in this order. For the libs reading this – if the GOP passes what might be an unconstitutional law, a conservative court will still overrule it.

So, take a deep breath and smell the rebirth of freedom.

Welcome to Trumpland!

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