Cinematic Themes of Jesus

As we approach the date of celebration of the birth of Christ, I love to watch movies this time of year. Movies about, Heaven, God, & Christ are dusted off the shelves and played. I find it interesting that many of the movies I see right now are more about the death of Christ as opposed to his birth. “Ben-Hur”, “King of Kings” and the recently made “Risen” are all about the time of death and resurrection of Christ. “Passion of the Christ” is great, but just too real for meat certain points in the movie. Great movies, but one would think they would be more relevant around Easter. “It’s a Wonderful Life” and its modern-day semi-remake “The Family Man” with Nick Cage are two of my favorites. “The Nativity Story”, “The Birth of Jesus”, and “The Greatest Story Every Told” are all wonderful films.

It is absolutely marvelous when a hidden movie with Christ gets uncovered. I had the pleasure of watching “The Shack” with Sam Worthington today. Had not seen the previews, reviews, and had not a clue to the background of the movie. If you have not seen the movie, there are spoilers in this blog. While I had it on from the beginning, I was not paying much attention until the young Mack appears to poison his alcoholic father for beating him and his mother in drunken fits. That caught my eye and I watched. The story centers around a tragedy of the main character’s youngest daughter being abducted and ultimately murdered while on a camping trip. The abduction occurs in a moment when the father has to rush into the lake to save his other 2 teenage kids from drowning. They are in the water due to one child standing in the boat and causing it to capsize.

This part of the film hit a little too close to home for me. I was able to take my kids camping a lot as they grew up. I have been the dad that dived into the lake when a boat capsized. I have had my little wandering kids disappear on me and there is no greater fear for a parent than “what if”. So when the main character was sobbing to his wife that it was his fault when his daughter was abducted, he was right. The mom could say all she wanted that it was not his fault, but it was. I have been there, as have other parents. When you take your kids out, you are responsible for them. Period.  The film then delves into his guilt and anger.

Mack is enticed by a mysterious letter to return to the scene of the crime where his daughter was abducted. Frustration occurs when no one is there and it appears that Mack attempts to kill himself, only to be disrupted by a deer. What ensures afterward is a discovery of a man who appears to be Jesus that leads him to a beautiful cabin on the lake in spring. There he meets God in female form, as well as the Spirit of the Wind. Having met Jesus, Mack is in the presence of the Holy Trinity. What comes afterwards in a healing process for his soul that I did enjoy.

The reason I bring the movie up is it hit on some points I have been gravitating towards for some time that fall right in line with the Season of Celebration. The first point concerned the wrath of God. Growing up in the Bible Belt and being Sunday Schooled heavily in my early years, the wrath of God is something that you are taught and accept as doctrine. We hear of it from the Old and New Testament; God’s wrath is written in the Quran as well.  I have even seen teachings that God loves war, and allows man to slaughter one another. While I never bought into the war part, I never questioned the assumption of God’s wrath until I became a parent. Once you become a parent, you love your children with all of your heart and soul. Sometimes they do great and wondrous things and sometimes they break your heart, but at no time do you ever wish ill for your child. This message comes out in this movie several times through direct statement and at other times via implied actions. War and slaughter of mankind are acts of evil and man’s inability to properly interpret the world without God’s guidance. It makes a whole lot more sense that God wants all of his children to be loved and saved than condemn them to war, slaughter and ultimately hell. Seems to sound a lot like the message Jesus gave, but a message certain religious zealots seem to forget.

Point number 2 is that there is salvation regardless of the sin. This is based on the fact that young Mack kills his father through poisoning him, albeit it accidentally as well as the fact Mack is told forgiving his daughter’s murderer must be done for him to heal. God wants to “redeem” that man. Powerful message and one I am sure certain religious groups take serious issue with. As with wrath, why would God want to punish his children? If you have kids and have to discipline them, which is needed at times, it does not correlate to an enjoyment. The parent normally gets the worst of disciplining a child and it can be no different for God to send his child to hell without working to redeem and forgive them for terrible sins.

Which brings us back to the birth of Jesus and the Reason for the Season. Jesus preached love, faith, and forgiveness. Jesus asked us to forgive ourselves, our neighbors, as well as our enemies. Through faith you can have everlasting life in the light.

A light shown in the past, which will shine today, and will continue to shine tomorrow.

I hope you add this movie to your list to watch.

Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season of Celebration and have a Merry Christmas!


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Blood of the Bombs

December 7, 1941 changed the globe. It was when the US entered its second World War that would change our great nation forever. What appeared as a victorious maneuver for the Empire of Japan, would eventually lead to its defeat and movement away from an imperial country.

The price paid in blood from the bombs dropped that day continues to rise. The bombing of Pearl Harbor brought global change in weapons technology, weapons that would change geopolitical landscapes. New Powers arose among nations and old empires crumbled. From the US entrance into WWII from the bombings at Pearl Harbor, we can draw a straight line to the Korean War (and we are still dealing with this), Viet Nam, the Cold War, and the War on Terror. There are a whole slew of military conflicts over the last 25 years not declared as wars where US military involvement has made matters worse in most cases. It was after World War II that Israel was awarded land  for its nation by the United Nations. The US was the first to recognize her. The fight between Arabs and Jews go back to Ishmael and Isaac, but this change has placed the Middle East at the epicenter of conflict ever since. The War on Terror is centered in the Middle East.

The blood spilt by the US since WWII, whether justified or not, is a direct result of our nations change in policy of being the “worlds police”. I also know that if the US had not been present to play this role, our world would look much different, and not for the better, than it is today.

Was this the intention of the Japanese when they bombed Pearl Harbor – to have the world in perpetual conflict? Unlikely. Japan’s losses of her own were staggering.  The US played hardball with oil supplies and paid the price of interference. Japan expected America to roll over and get out of the way.

The real question is – did anyone learn any lessons from this day? Do world leaders look back at the sequence of events that lead to this date and work to avoid the same mistakes?

I don’t think so.

Ronald Reagan was declared a war monger during his term for the US military arsenal buildup as a deterrent to the Soviet Union. In reality, Reagan deployed forces 16 times over his Presidency. The most public was Grenada to rescue American students, Lebanon – where the Marines were part of a UN effort to support a shaky  government, and the bombing in Libya where Ronnie sent Gaddafi a nightcap. There were no protracted actions. While there were losses, they were not expounded like the presidents since.

The blood continues to spill and the bodies keep piling up.

So when you pray for those that died 76 years ago today, and you pray for our military at home and around the globe, pray for wisdom to come to all world leaders. Pray for peace from love, hope, and the charitable hearts of mankind.

If we don’t, we are going to drown in the blood of the bombs.

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The Bitcoin Bonanza

At the beginning of 2017, I could not have told you what Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency are. While I now know of the many cryptocurrencies out there, the only one I have my eye on is Bitcoin. What I am going to summarize can be found in a very detailed and informative documentary on NetFlix called Banking on Bitcoin. If you want to learn more, I highly recommended the hour and a half to watch the movie.

Origins of Cryptocurrencies
In the 1990’s there was a group of super nerds (cypherpunks) that decided the central banking system as we knew it had too many flaws, and they were unhappy with governments role as the trusted third party. These individuals were concerned about privacy and individual liberties being threatened by the control of money.

If you boil it down, money is a basic accounting system of who owns what. For centuries now, governments have been the trusted third party as the issuer of currencies around the globe. What the issue had become for this group was whether or not the government should remain that trusted third party or should there be a peer to peer system where people can send money for goods and services without government regulation, fees, and the potential for corruption. The basis for the current cryptocurrencies in the market were being formed.

DigiCash came the closest to launching an e-commerce platform for money in the 90’s, but simply could not gain traction. Its founder realized the need for government and banks to get behind it to make it work and that abandoned the principles for which the idea was based upon.

A Collapse that Opens A Door
The financial collapse of 2008-2009 revived the interest in a new form of digital currency, due to governments complete and total inability to protect the public from corruption within the established financial system. Out of the group of original cypherpunks and all of the various ideas that came about, one name in particular rose to the top with an idea that we now call Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nakamoto published a white paper on a digital currency on a peer to peer system, based on the ideas of others such as Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, and others and produced a viable working system that we now call Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is effective making currency transactions using cryptography as a secure means. The backing of the peer to peer system is the blockchain, which is having the ledger transactions verified by the network of multiple computers operated by a consensus of individuals committed to an honest and verifiable system. The people are now called “miners” because they get rewarded for their work through the issuance of bitcoin. The miners and blockchain have no government oversite or regulation and the trust of those using cryptocurrencies are based upon this simple foundation.

The Blockchain
The ledgers are distributed worldwide and each Bitcoin transaction is verified, logged, and open to the public. The owner of the transaction is protected through encryption. The computers are independent and done without the oversight of a central bank and its network, thus the system is impossible to hack.

The miners that keep the blockchain going are the backbone. While the reward is Bitcoin for their work, without the miners keeping the system honest, it would collapse. Now, someone might think “I’ll just jump into Bitcoin mining!” Before you do, understand what the blockchain effectively does is super computing and the code that is read for the transactions is very complex. The miners invest in top line computers and bear heavy cooling and utility costs to maintain the blockchain. Those that maintain the blockchain are in it for the change to global currency and not necessarily as a business model.

Why the Government System is in jeopardy and why it scares the hell out of people
What Bitcoin offers is the first truly unregulated form of money the world has seen in centuries. All of the government currency systems and all of the traditional financial markets cannot control it. When you look at the areas Bitcoin serves – Africa, S America, large parts of Asia (including China), and the Middle East; these areas all have one thing in common: local currencies that suck, a lack of access to banks, and a large user base that wants the freedom Bitcoin offers. It is estimated that over 2.5 billion adults do not have bank accounts and hail from these regions. Bitcoin provides an opportunity for this sector to come into the financial world. Additionally, these areas usually cannot get or have a short supply of US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros and Bitcoin offers the first available alternative and they love it. You could say that by ignoring this sector, governments and the established financial community have created their own nightmare. While it’s not big in the US or EU now, don’t count on it staying that way. As of this writing, a single Bitcoin is valued at $4865 to one US Dollar. That has the current Bitcoin market cap over 179 billion USD value and growing.

So why the concern from the established financial sector? They cannot control it or benefit from it. They cannot make fees or bastardize cryptocurrency. Governments cannot control how it is used. That is a basic rub that will not go away until they can control it.

So why did New York State begin the regulation burden? Well, like all new frontiers, some of the pioneers that come in are bad actors. Bitcoin was not exempt from this. The Silk Road, a site for buying illegal drugs online and anonymously was founded by Ross Ulbrecht, had Bitcoin as its main form of currency for transactions. Thus, the currency gets a black eye. The government finally cracked the code and arrested and hammered Ulbrecht.  Even though his servers were outside of the US and he was personally nabbed in San Francisco, the case was tried in New York – the epicenter for global financial regulation. That was done for a reason – to send a message. It was about the use of Bitcoin and having a purely unregulated market with no oversight was a threat to the establishment and would not be tolerated. I don’t advocate committing criminal activity, but why was this not done to the asswipes that killed the economy in 2008?

Then came Charlie Schrem and Bit Instant, which became a quick Bitcoin exchange. Where Bit Instant ran into issues was that it was US based, in New York, and thus came under the Patriot Act and the terms of knowing clients to avoid money laundering. If you want an idea of what true cronyism looks like, review the Patriot Act and what defines money laundering and what has to be done to avoid non-compliance. It is impossible. When one of Bit Instants (BTCKING) clients was found to be using the Bitcoin from the exchange to provide to its clients to buy products from the Silk Road. Schrem was communicating with BTCKING and found to have knowledge of its business. Schrem was arrested and tried and convicted for money laundering under the Patriot Act. Again, I don’t support the criminal act, but ATM’s have cash withdrawn every day that ends up being used to illegal purposes. Have yet to see one banker go to jail over an ATM cash related drug deal. Have you? The next day there was the first hearing in New York by NY Financial Superintendent Ben Lawsky on the regulation of Bitcoin…… Here is the question – how can the US issue regulation on a currency they don’t even recognize?

Then the MT Gox fiasco came along. Mt Gox had been formed to be an exchange and was originally formed in the US. However, the original founder did not want the US oversite and sold it to Mark Karpeles, a Frenchman living in Japan. It was the global leader in exchanging Bitcoin. About 2 weeks after the New York hearings, Mt Gox announces that over 750 million Bitcoin have been stolen or lost and that they are claiming bankruptcy. Mt Gox had over 6% of the estimated Bitcoin value in its care when this was announced. To this day, no one knows how this happened.

So, Bitcoin had some public mistakes that opened the door for government regulators to come into the arena and put their sticky fingers all over it.

Whoops, Here we go Again!
Within a year of the initial hearings, Lawsky’s department hands out the first outline for Bitcoin licensing in the spring of 2015. The application and process is enormous. Most Bitcoin companies left New York. Amazingly, due to the complexity of the application and its process, Lawsky left the New York Department of Financial Services to form his own consulting firm in May 2015. The firm specializes in helping companies navigate the process he helped make into law. Within a year of the new regulation, most of the other people that helped to draft the regulation had left NYDFS for consulting gigs in the private sector specializing on Bitcoin exchange licensing.  When will this crap end…..

Oh, and now you have Bitcoin licenses for almost every state to regulators can get fees. However, not all states are the same. Here is a list of the most friendly and most onerous to have a Bitcoin exchange in the US as of today: My home state of Texas is the best place to do business.

Feds Still Ready To Hammer
On August 24, 2017, the SEC announced temporary suspension of publicly traded First Bitcoin Capital. First Bitcoin is classified as a “penny stock” due to its value. The SEC suspended this Canadian company (hmmm?) because the value went up over 7000 percent….  Its not the first company with Bitcoin growth ambitions that the SEC has suspended and will doubtful be the last. Question is why? Hopefully I have provided you with the basis for rational debate on that.

The Future of Bitcoin
Is Bitcoin here to stay? I think digital currencies are here to stay and at the moment Bitcoin is king. Could another cryptocurrency knock off Bitcoin? If the government ties it down too much, then the answer is yes. The road map has already been plotted and the knowledge is there to make another one just as viable. Bitcoin is about freedom and once you have a taste of it, you don’t want to give it up.

Nor should you have to.




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1-20-2017 The End of an Error

Seal of ObamaSeems like another lifetime ago when Comrade Barry was sworn into office. Eight years of lying, deceit, obfuscation, partisan politics, race bating, executive overreach, financial irresponsibility, Constitutional shredding, along with an incomprehensible level of incompetence for economics 101 that the nation has not seen in its history.

The worst part – I don’t think Barry ever gave a damn about anyone in the nation other than the elite vampires that supported his rise. While it is a documented fact that he hates whitey, blacks have fared even worse under BHO. You have to go back to the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s and the early 70’s to find worse for black America economically. Blue collar labor – Barry did not give a thought to sending their jobs overseas. Latinos may think the Dream Act was his gift to them, but had BO really wanted real, legal, long lasting change then he would have got off his ass and worked with Congress to make changes. Instead “… he had a pen and a phone…” to work his magic of Executive Orders that he KNEW would not pass Supreme Court review. It was all a game.


The Anointed One

Ahh, the great savior of the lands and oceans….. and us peon human beings. He would heal all, starting with insuring the underprivileged masses with  universal health care better known as ObamaCare. Just one problem – neither he or any of the Congressional morons that created the Affordable Care Act knew a thing about insurance. They were not experienced in any manner of rating, underwriting, actuarial, claims, or sales processes of a product that is interweaved into 1/6 of the economy. Did that stop these idiots from ruining health insurance and begin the cratering of US medicine? Hell, no it didn’t! Of course, this behemoth is now collapsing in on itself and Trump and the new Congress have just enough time to salvage this.

In case anyone with a brain was wondering why this was ever done: If you read the 1000 plus page law of the ACA (I did), then you knew from the start that the goal was to end private insurance as we know it to replace it with a one payer system such as Medicare. Then, when the masses have no other options but this payment method, then Big Bro was going to step in and really direct your life. Mrs. BHO’s school lunch program was a glimpse into the future of food for you and me. Control of what you ate, how you did or did not exercise, life choices, etc., would be a governing part of how, when and IF you got medical treatment. Doubt me – READ THE DAMN BILL! Then go back and think of all the “new questions” your healthcare provider started asking after this catastrophe was made into law.



What, me worry?

For all of the Cupcake Nation who can’t find jobs after college, you can thank Barry for that one too. Strangle business with regulations, pick and choose what industries can make money, have the highest tax rates on the planet, and you wonder why it was called the Great Recession? When you don’t have the capacity to know how to engage the US economic engine, you get the anemic GDP rates that this administration has known. No other president in modern history has EVER had this low of GDP where one quarter did not hit 3% growth. Took Obama to set that watermark.


With lousy growth, came lower revenues. Did that stop this moron from going on a drunken spending spree? Nope, that is why he became Barry the Borrower and we now have 20 Trillion in debt. Combine all of these factors and you have a lousy jobs market.

George and his pet

To illustrate my rant to this point, BHO made comments during the summer about Carrier moving 2000 jobs out of the country. His comments were to the effect that “… you can’t wave a wand…” and fix the issue. While that is true, you can get off your dead ass and make an effort, kind of like the one Trump made to Carrier BEFORE being sworn in. President who cares – will be Trump; one who could not give a rats ass – Obama and the proof is in the economic numbers no matter how you bake them.



Pardon me – PLEASE!!

Guess there is one class of people who fared well under this idiot – that would be the criminal element. Whether it was returning terrorists to the battle field in cleaning out Gitmo, commuting sentences for drug dealers, promoting the criminal element that is Black Lives Matter, openly starting a war on the police in this nation, swapping terrorist for traitors (Bergdahl – and yes I am aware that no pardon came, but the SOB is still a traitor and got a 5 for 1 swap), or pardoning Bradley/Chelsea Manning for spilling state secrets – the Obama Years (not to be confused with the Wonder Years) have been the best for criminals in modern history. Only big criminal left without a pass is HRC……



The World According to Barry

Of course, while I could write for days on the mistakes of our 44th POTUS, I’ll wrap this rant on Obama’s reign of terror with his foreign policy. God, where do you start? Isolating Israel, giving Iran nuclear tech, Leaving Iraq in a vacuum, creating Isis, Benghazi, the Russian Reset, cozying up to Chavez, kissing Castro’s ass….. It’s like the Energizer Bunny – it just keeps going and going and going……. Oh, and let’s not forget why I call him Barry the Butcher – his direct hand in the Civil War in Syria over natural gas. Go back and read my December 7, 2016 blog on Blood, Energy, & Nation Building to get the refresher on this.

I am not sure this man is not the Anti Christ. No one person can do this much intentional damage and not be Satan.

That’ll piss off the libtards….



The End of an Error

Barry was an example of what the liberal media desires to promote – a hard leftist agenda taking rights away from you and me, all while demeaning us at the same time. The BHO reign of terror was not unsurprising for those that took him for what he was – an elitist liberal who never worked a real job (community organizer) and followed the footsteps of radicals. His church preached hate and Barry hates the US. He did not do squat in the Illinois State Senate nor did accomplish anything as a US Senator, yet none of this stopped the liberal media from promoting and fawning over him after helping to get him elected.

IF you have any doubt, just go back and replay the past two months since Trump won and all of the crap the left has pulled – showing their true selves.

IF you don’t think the liberals, the Democrat Nazis, and liberal press won’t attempt to make the same error again – just wait till 2018.

January 20, 2017.

The End of an Error.

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The Fourth Reich – Alive in the Left

Last fall NBC host Matt Lauer threw the Nazi term “brown shirts” out in a description of Trump supporters at a rally. I did not write down the date or take interest in the event. I was concerned that this liberal pompous ass was throwing around a term that he obviously does not understand. Last time I checked, support, even obnoxious support for a political candidate, does not make one a Nazi. Have the Trump supporters been vocal? Yes – no crime there. Even obnoxious at times? Yes – you are afforded that right under the 1st Amendment. Have they suppressed free speech? No. Have they beaten people into submission? No. Have they infiltrated their opponents rally’s for the purpose of inciting violence? No.

The Nazi’s suppressed freedom of speech through what you said and what you wrote and its distribution. They took you out and beat the hell out of you. They threatened the lives of their opposition and their family members. They called their opponents names in public to discredit them. Economic hardship was wrought on those that did not get in line and tow the Nazi message. When all of those tactics failed, they simply killed those that opposed them.

We don’t have that going on in Amer…. Hey, wait a minute…

A little tongue in cheek to make a point. The very term used by Lauer is in fact a subtle Gestapo tactic the left has been using for quite some time. While it started back in the 90’s, the Suppression Train got on steroids with Barry O.  Let’s look at the 2008 election for starters. I don’t recall an effort to turn Presidential Electors from each state coming from conservatives, threatening Democrat Electors with their lives if they did not overturn the 08 Election. What I do recall was a campaign where ANY criticism of BHO was met with ferocity from the left with calls of racism.  That was just the clearing of the throat for the new SS. In January 2009 when Barry and Republican leaders were meeting about the Stimulus Bill, Minority Whip Eric Cantor had a few ideas for the bill and Obama made his famous “…elections have consequences and I won…” comment, blocking out any discussion of conservative ideas. The Left took the cue and donned their “brown shirt” under garments and began terrorizing conservatives –  being the mechanism for the political correctness and suppression of freedom ever since.

Need more you say?  After the Stimulus was passed with nary a Republican vote, Barry went to work on Obamacare. This massive government overreach finally got the conservatives off the couch and the Tea Party was born. The Tea Party protested every inch of this bill and began a movement. The crowds were large, vocal, emotional, and ripe with telling their opinions in a less than political tone. Were they ever violent? No. Did they destroy public property? No. Did they threaten anyone with violence or death? NO! The liberal media called them racist right from the beginning, trying to suppress any rejection of the Obama Agenda.

The past eight years has seen a constant attack by liberals and their media against any opposition opinion on such topics as global warming, gun control, gay rights, illegal aliens, abortion, etc. People have not even been allowed an open opinion without being verbally and even physically accosted for having any narrative other than the one pushed by progressives.

Despite the suppression, the American people have been fighting back. Taking the House back in 2010 and expanded the seats for conservatives in 2012. Had the GOP nominated anyone other than a job killing corporate raider who also happened to be the author to the model for Obamacare, I dare say we would have had a different President in 2012. In 2014, the House and Senate once again belonged to Republicans.

As America voted in more checks and balances against Barry, he became more of a fascist dictator. “I have a pen and a phone…” was Barry’s famous line for bypassing Congress when he refused to work with them. All the while being lauded by the loony left-wing press as they roasted any opposing voices to Barry’s actions.

Then came 2016. All the marbles for continuing the Democrat Depression with HRC and continuing The Butcher’s Legacy. And the New Nazi Party of the Left did not take any chances. Because Trump chose to call things they way they are, he was immediately labeled a racist. Sexist soon followed as the Suppression Train was rolling. Trump supporters became “deplorable” with the list of isms Hillary spelled out in maniacal delight. While Hillary campaigned to crickets, Trump talked to thousands with standing room only. The Left could not have this and we now KNOW that far left loons were paid to infiltrate Trump rallies to cause problems. We KNOW that the DemoNazi’s organized hate mongers to go to Trump rallies and intimidate supporters.

In the last 6 weeks since the election, we have seen the final throes of the liberal suppression machine at its height to try to overturn a free, fair, and legal election. First we have the popular vote appeal. HRC got more than Trump. While true, 1. we don’t vote that way, thus the Electoral College; 2. In full disclosure, the overage of votes came from California, our most populist state. Subtract California from the picture and you have a much different total. There is also a legitimate argument that California’s vote is tainted anyway with its aid to illegals in getting ID’s, ID’s that are used in voting. In conjunction with this appeal, left-wing loons began protests in large cities in Blue States that often turned violent and damaged property. All part of classic Gestapo tactics. When that did not work, the Green Party legal appeal for recounts in WI, MI, and PA. In my personal opinion, I still think HRC bankrolled this. If Stein had raised that kind of money in that short of time during the campaign, she might have garnered more than 1%. As the recount effort failed, we see the last stand on the Fight for the Electoral College. Pushed by the extreme left, graced by Hillary, and pounded on by the liberal media – Republican Electors were harassed, intimidated, and threatened with death to them and their family members if they did not vote for Clinton. These appalling actions were never stopped by The Butcher or any other member of the DemoNazi Party. I can only imagine if the conservatives had mounted an effort like this in 2008….

The left will now have to deal with reality. The Suppression Train has been derailed. The PC Police are laid off.  New leadership is coming and will back up law & order and freedom of speech.

Thank the Lord!

Does that mean they will roll over and play dead? Doubtful. I think they will be the same as they have been, but will have push back from the general populace and the new POTUS.

Unfortunately, the Fourth Reich will remain alive in the left.

Protected by the document they hate.

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Blood, Energy, & Nation Building – Beyond Pearl Harbor

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. While it is important to take a moment and remember those that died upon that day, it is also important to recognize the impact in US international policy that arose from the tragedy of that day.

While WWI initialized the US entrance onto the world scene, its participation and impact on the outcome of WWII was when the US began to formulate and enforce an international theme. One that ties energy, nation building, and the spilling of American blood in ways that make one ill.

Before December 7, 1941, the US was on the sidelines. Watching, observing, positioning itself to protect its own interests. It is not a secret that FDR was not a fan of the current policy. However, I do not believe in any manner that FDR purposely wanted the Japanese to attack. Rather, I think FDR was naïve on how determined the bad actors of WWII were in meeting their goals. We call Japan by its singular name now; pre WWII it was the Empire of Japan. Empire creates an unmistakable desire to grow through the acquisition of land. That is why we called it the Roman Empire, The British Empire, etc. The conquest of lands grew an empire, granted access to resources, and required the spilling of a significant amount of blood. It’s why England, France, and Spain all came to the new world we now call America…..

Japan’s target with the south pacific and Korea, but it needed the resource of oil for the conquest of war. People forget the US was a major exporter of oil in the early part of the 20th century. We had a glut and our own internal appetite was not yet mature. While FDR’s cutting off the oil supply was morally correct in not supporting imperialism, its unintended consequence was the attack by Japan. Blood for oil, or in this case, a lack of it for Japan.

This theme keeps re-occurring now in US policy. Sometime the US has been the aggressor and sometimes the responder. The answer is not always obvious, but obfuscated in political garbage. Here are some, but not all, examples in recent history:

The Gulf War with Iraq 1990
Over as quick as it started, the US led coalition had very little to do with the liberation of Kuwait and the interest of freedom. It had everything to do with keeping world oil supplies safe and prices constant. While most Americans think this was a “one and done”, this operation kept US forces at odds with Iraq through most of the 1990’s under both the Bush 41 and Clinton Administrations.

Was this the precursor to the Iraq War?

The Iraq War 2003
On the surface, this was part of W’s Bush Doctrine, since Iraq was no doubt a state sponsor of terror. Did it require an invasion? Could we not have bombed the crap out of them and left them to rot? Did the fact that Iraq had oil reserves in the top 3 globally have anything to do with it? I personally think that 43 hit the button for several reasons – finish the job 41 was accused of not doing, wipe out a terror state, build a democratic republic, and get the inroad to that huge supply of oil. Well, we know how that ended.

Operation Odyssey Dawn Libyan Intervention 2011
Didn’t know this one had a name, did ya? It was known as a military intervention enforcing UN Resolution 1973 with bombing of the Libyan forces. But why? Let’s think back – Qaddafi had not been an issue since Reagan dropped a bomb on him in 1986. He had renounced terrorism and WMD in 2003 to the world. Libya had been removed as a state sponsor of terror in 2007. They were quiet and not causing any trouble to anyone.

So what happened? Fear of terrorism plays a part – Al Megrahi, the mind behind the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988 was released in 2009 and returned to Libya as a folk hero. This causes a stink internationally. Libya starts seeing some internal issues with this mans return, starting fires they don’t want. In turn, Qaddafi makes a move to bolster defenses. In 2010, Russia sells Libya a weapons deal worth 1.8 billion USD and this places DC on alert. Could the US have been the one to make this deal? Absolutely if Obama had had any sense of the region.

Also, the US Senate is having a fit the oil giant British Petroleum (BP) lobbied to get Al Megrahi released…

Did all of this intersect?

Of course. Let’s look at oil production. From 1990 to 2009, Libya averaged between 1400 and 1800 barrels a day of production. That falls off a cliff in 2010. That is the same year BP starts drilling off the Libyan Coast. 2010 is also the year Mother Russia comes onto the world stage as a new leader in oil production. What’s a few weapons for slowing down production of free market oil…..

In March of 2011, The Libyan Civil War officially ensues as part of the Arab Spring. For some reason, the US and its allies back the rebels against Qaddafi. My guess is someone got pissed off over the slowdown in oil production and what appeared to be an alliance in the making with Russia. From the US military support in March 2011 until the summer of 2012, Libyan oil production went back. All of this is at

Well, we know what happened on 9-11-2012 don’t we?

Now you why.

Syria 2012, 2014 to present
Bet you thought this was about overthrowing an evil dictator to spread freedom in the middle east and protect the helpless, right? Well, there is some degree of truth in that. But if Barry O hated the Iraq War so much, then why do similar actions in Syria? Let’s dig around for some facts.

In 2009, the Arab state of Qatar, a MAJOR supplier of natural gas, proposes a new pipeline to the EU that would cross Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. That pipeline would have brought an entire new supply line of gas to the EU. Why is this important? Well, our comrades in Russia sell 80% of their natural gas supplied by state company Gazprom to the EU. Lots of energy dollars here. LOTS…. The US under Barry O likes this plan of disruption, as it would hurt Russia.

Deceased Syrian President Hafez Assad learned to fly jets in Russia. In 1970, he visited Moscow and they got a weapons pipeline going. Syria was even counted as part of the Eastern Block of the former Soviet Union. In short, Russia and Syria have a history. Here is more on this topic:

Bashar Al-Assad came into power in 2010 when his dad Syrian President Hafez Assad croaks of a heart attack. Putin moves in like a hawk to befriend Bashar. Bashar refuses to grant permission for this pipeline. Russia has been at his beck and call ever since and will continue to be. So, for anyone to think the US, UN, or ANY coalition is going to knock out Bashar without getting military with Russia is nuts. Here is a great article on the topic:

So why people says it’s about making Syria a democracy (nation building), I think it’s about the money involved in energy. And you libs thought Barry was benevolent? The deaths involved around this conflict, pushed by Obama, are one of the many reasons I penned him Barry the Butcher some time back.

Paid for with the blood of the brave and of the innocent.

75 Years and no one has learned a damn thing.

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Full Court Press

I am not sure if “unhinged” accurately describes the response from most of the media since Trump’s victory. It started on election night with Rachael Maddow at MSNBC who made no attempt to mask her hatred of Trump when it was becoming apparent of who the next POTUS was going to be. She nearly melted down on the show and set the example for the rest of the left leaning media – do a full court press on the next leader of the free world.

Harass, criticize at all cost, disrupt at every possible moment, and set a new standard for hypocrisy right out of the chute…

So let’s start with the snarkiness in the media since November 8:

General Attitude of the Trump Victory and his Supporters
Too many examples here to list, but turn on any channel other than Fox and you hear constant smears of the President- Elect. They are still in Campaign for Hillary Mode, in full denial of reality, and signaling from the start that they will not give Trump any fair coverage in any manner. Tell me how this helps the nation in any manner? The job of the press is to report the news, not be the news.  If a scintilla of effort had been done to hack at Barry O out of the chute like what Trump is already seeing, the left would have quashed the critical source with cries of racism, calls of unpatriotic action, and any number of smear tactics that would have been designed to destroy any opposition. Had Hillary won, the same set of protective walls would have been erected for her. With one change: sexism would have replaced racism.

Then there is the examination of the supporters. For people who are as educated as they are, the liberal press show how stupid they really can be at times. In the internalization of how HRC lost, they just don’t see how people can support Trump. In their mind, HRC hit the nail on the head in the “deplorable” list. What was that list again? Oh, yeah, I remember now. Let’s list them in order from HRC’s mouth:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Homophobic
  • Xenophobic
  • Islamaphobic

I don’t know why she didn’t just add “white trash” to the list? I mean, isn’t that what the elite think “fly over country” is composed of anyway?

Now here is the best part – I am hearing stories in this same press pool now that there needs to be a more “open” dialogue with the nation to address needs. That is code for “We did not see this coming, you deplorable Trump supporters thwarted our polling, and we would appreciate it if you would scratch your demands on a rock so we can have them analyzed for mutant contagion so we can look superior once again. Love & Kisses – the Liberal Media“.

Can you say detached and lost in translation?

Good! I knew you could!

May We Tag Along Mr. Trump?
This is going to be fun to watch. Trump is about as public a man in the private sector as they come, being covered by press constantly before his run for POTUS. This past week, Trump ditched his press pool to have dinner with his family. My guess is he knows this may be one of the last times he can have a dinner with the wife and kids in public without the press fawning over every bite. Apparently, the press pool did not take this well and issued a letter the next day requesting a pool bet set up immediately to cover him from now to the end of his presidency.

Hmm. Seem to remember a Hawaiian vacation in 2008 for then President-Elect Barry O and his ditching the press pool to take the girls to a water park. Don’t recall any outrage then…….

O Hypocrisy, why doth thou keep rearing thy ugly head?

Will You Hurry Up and Appoint People?!?!?
Amid bowl movements aplenty, the media is having a fit that Trump does not roll out the new Cabinet appointees this week. Forget about the fact that is recent history going back to Reagan that most appointments don’t come until 6 weeks after the election. Bush 41 was the exception, but he was the former VP and had a leg up in the process. Even BHO did not have people appointed at this point. You know the hypocrisy is high when David Axelrod tweets about this fact with BHO and does not recall getting harassed for it then.

So why the rush? Its not that the press really care about who Trump appoints. They need fresh, new targets to shred and smear. Their world has been turned upside down. The plan was to fawn over HRC, crush any dissent, and just ooh and awe over her every move. More importantly, the press was going to be HRC’s public defender over her “alleged” criminal activities when her prosecution began. And prosecuted she would have been, for the email scandal was just the tip of iceberg. The Clinton Foundation has all of the elements of a non-profit being used to enrich the pockets of its members – Bill & Hillary. That is a violation of the section of the Tax Code that non-profits are organized under and why the FBI is still poking around. The real bombshell is going to be when the Foundation investigation turns up evidence of violations of federal election laws regarding the misuse of “donations” and re-routing funds to the Clinton Campaign.

Remember that you read it hear first.

Those Precious Cupcakes and Anarchists
Remember when Trump threw out the chance he might not accept election night results? The howls across the media of foul play rattled television sets. Can you imagine if HRC won and Trump supporters went into the streets to protest? The liberal media would have CRUSHED them with calls of calm, you must accept the rule of legal elections, and can’t we just get along. When that wore thin, then name calling would have kicked in: Brown shirts, Nazis, Fascists (that one is still being used…), etc.

Where in blazes are these voices of reason now? You have riots, not protests, going on in certain areas of the country. A protest is peaceful and no one will bother that process. Riots are when people and property are attacked as is going on now, yet I hear no one out there calling for calm, etc. Instead, what I hear from the liberal press is acceptance.

“Oh, those crazy kids are just exercising their First Amendment rights voicing their displeasure with Trump. Paid protesters – there is no evidence of that. Those are not anarchists tearing up cities where protests are occurring. Those are just frustrated kids. That’s not assault occurring on campuses by the cupcakes who cannot handle reality against anyone who shows or speaks support for Trump.”


How deplorable.

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