From Behind the Nylon Curtain

I had to take a short and unproductive trip to London last week. One that I will get to do again in the coming weeks. While I spent time in the hotel room, I had the great pleasure of watching all 27 channels that the hotel had to offer. There was news on items I know had not been covered in the US press corps and a major news event occurred that I still cannot find being covered anywhere here in the states.

I have been told for some time by several of my overseas friends that our news is filtered and restricted. It was not until now that I had proof we live behind a nylon curtain.

Need proof, you say? Let me share the 2 items that everyone on the globe but us are aware of.

Britain considering leaving the EU
This actually is not news in the UK. It has been a current topic for a while and will be voted on in June of this year. When David Cameron won re-election last year, one of his promises was on an up or down vote to stay in the European Union.  I am not going to cover all of the reasons for consideration, but when I found out about what the Brits call “Brexit”, I asked some people at the hotel and others when I went out walking around. Curious. While there are a load of issues (see ), immigration was a real rub there in London. Under EU rules, borders with other EU countries are similar to our own borders here between states. The issues of terrorism and getting a hold of who comes in and out was at the top of the list with the people I talked with who supported Brexit.

Barry was there last week as well and “advising” the Brits to stay in the EU. Did not catch that on Fox, CNN, or MSNBC here in the states. Now why might Barry want the UK to stay in the EU? Well, for starters, the EU model is Barry’s guiding light and blueprint for a less sovereign America. The US and UK are first cousins and one cannot have their cousin walking away from the adopted brothers and sisters.  It also looks bad for Barry if the UK’s driving force on the vote turns out to be immigration. That does not bode well for his vision here for us plebiscites.

Now, I know what you are thinking: why would we care what goes on in England? Well, aside from issues on policy that made Obama look bad, there are financial considerations. What impact do you think this will have on the Euro should Britain pull out of the EU? What about its impact on the British Pound? The answers are that the Euro will be hurt, the Pound could be hurt, but the good ole US Dollar might get just a tad stronger. Could that impact trade agreements, import & export contracts, currency futures,  or travel? What if you own shares in a mutual fund that invests in Euros? You might want to have that data to make an informed decision.

Saudi Vision 2030
This came out Monday and was all over the news. It impacted oil prices here in the US, but I still cannot find it on any US news outlet. The announcement is on an equivalent basis as when the Russians declared themselves out of the business of communism. It’s that big and its like crickets chirping in the night over here.

Not one US media outlet is reporting this.

The impact of this new policy is broad and will reach all corners of the globe. It was and is all over the news in every part of the globe.

Except here.

So, what is it? Well, Monday the Saudi’s announced the end of the Era of Big Oil. Due to the impact of renewable energy sources, alternative fuels such as natural gas, and competition from other oil producers, the world’s 2nd largest producer of crude (Russia #1) and formerly the largest producer of crude for most of the past 50 years said it is going to diversify its economy away from the revenue produced by crude oil sales. That is currently 87% of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s income…. And they are going to accomplish this transition by the year 2030. Yeah, 2030…..

As part of their plan ( ) the Kingdom will sell of 5% of Aramco, the worlds largest oil company. If you click the link and it comes up with technical difficulties, refresh your browser and it should bring in the article. The price per share to open will be based on an estimate of Saudi’s reserves at a low market of $10 per barrel. The IPO in selling 5% of Aramco is going to be valued at over 2 trillion and will be the worlds largest… The MENA (Middle East North Africa) regional rags were quick to give their opinion:

Did you wonder why oil took a nose dive Monday after weeks of being on the rise. Are you starting to understand that we are getting minutia for news?

Now, oil has gained back some prices and will stable out. However, every analyst in the world now places oil prices playing on the $40 to $60 per barrel price from here on. If you’re not sure, call one. They may think your from Mars having the knowledge, but they will give you an opinion on the oil sector. Gosh, isn’t it good to know your spread in advance to best manipulate the markets? Sorry, could not pass on that one. If you still believe the markets are not run by puppets on strings, I cannot help you.

What does this do for West Texas Crude? How about renewable energy tech or holdings in natural gas? Is it time to buy Tesla stock? I watched 4 investment firms announce billions in investments in green energy projects on Bloomberg Monday while in London after this announcement came out. Was this data on your E-Trade account? I thought not.

Here is the real question: why is this sort of data being ignored here? I know both Fox and MSNBC have the news. Fox owns SKY news and it was covered in London. MSNBC has its own financial channel in the UK and it was all over it. Bloomberg has a UK channel as well and it was an all day topic for 2 days. You can find it on if you click on the section for Middle East and scroll down to the Challenge to Saudi Arabia’s Post Oil Vision article. But you have to LOOK for it. It’s not at the top and nowhere in the US section of the site.

I know money is one reason for this blackout of news. There are people who profit from this kind of data over those who don’t have it. Past that, I can’t give you any other reasons that don’t start diving off into conspiracy and paranoia.

Welcome to life behind the nylon curtain.



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Dead On Arrival

Romney Puppet

Mitt Romney made an ass of himself yesterday and his message was DOA – dead on arrival. When I heard excerpts of the speech the day before, I laughed out loud. The 2012 GOP nominee either is the largest marionette on strings being pulled by the GOP leadership or has an ego that only the Rocky Mountains in Utah could support if thinks he has any relevance to the electorate. Had he been half this aggressive against Barry O 4 years ago, the country might have elected him.

Maybe. And I voted for Romney despite the fact that he vaporized into thin air the last 6 weeks of the campaign.

What the Gloved One and the rest of the GOP establishment fail to recognize is that what is happening with Trump & Cruz is a culmination of anger over 20 years of failed GOP hand selection of Presidential Nominees. Let’s have a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

  • 1996 Bob Dole   There is only one candidate worse than Dole and I will get there in a minute. The GOP elite decided it was Grandpa Cranky’s time to run against Bill Clinton, who was charismatic and popular and appealed to the center. Dole was neither charismatic, popular, or pleasing to the ear. While he was a good man and respectable Senator, this nominee was awful.
  • 2000 George W Bush  People have somehow forgotten that W was not a hard right candidate. He was closer to the middle and that is one reason he was elected due to a broad appeal. What George did have was personality and charisma and an air of reasonableness to him that was sharply contrasted by Mr. Anal – Al Gore on the Dem side. You will notice, however, that Republican candidates of this era do not invoke that they are a George W Bush conservative. Is it because he was closer to the center or due to his policies? While I’m not sure, it’s time to clear the air and realize what 43’s policies have done to the US.  The invasion of Iraq, which I supported then, will go down in history as one of the great blunders in history. It serves as an example that the days of nation building are in the past. When the Syria issue settles, Russia will get a reminder of why they left Afghanistan. The MENA region has been a mess for several millennia and will remain that way until and unless its people want change. That does not mean other nations like the US can have alliances and roles of support. This decision brought in the return of the Democrats to Congress in 2006 and it has been downhill since. The Patriot Act and TARP are 2 pieces of bookend legislation that illustrate the disaster that W’s presidency became. We now know his nomination of John Roberts would lead to one of the greatest betrayals of Constitutional interpretation in history regarding BarryCare not once, but twice. While time fades people memory, have no doubt that many of these topics re-surfaced when brother Jeb decided to run for the GOP nomination and failed miserably. People do not want another Bush in the Whitehouse.
  • 2008 John McCain  The only man worse than Bob Dole, in my opinion. Having lost to Bush 43 in the 2000 Republican Primary, the GOP should have recognized his shortcomings then.  He had zero passion, was still embracing 43’s policies that were now obviously unpopular, and sounded like a Democrat on many issues. In the meantime, the Dem’s trot out a young, charismatic Barry. It was 1996 all over again and the Grand Old Party did not look grand, but old. McCain’s only kudos was the brass nads of getting Sarah Palin as his VP nominee. Without Palin, the shellacking he took at the hands of Barry would have been worse. The man is a war hero and deserves that respect, but he was a horrible nominee.
  • 2012 Mitt Romney On the surface he appeared to be a winner in the current Dem heavy environment. He had a sense of humor, been in government and in business and successful at both. He was by no means a hard right conservative, but leaned closer to the middle and that appeared to be a needed formula to get general election results. But hold on – he had a chance in 2008 and dropped out of the Republican Primary race because the support was not there. Maybe that should have been the big red flag to party leaders before pushing Mitt down the throats of the voters. Why did he drop out in 2008? Well, he was not the most passionate campaigner and you had RomneyCare out there with its baggage and the fact he was a prior corporate raider. Well, his lack of passion showed on the campaign trail, as he refused to attack Barry hard on his failed policies. He had opportunities in the debates to put the election away and never did. The Dems beat him over the head for criticizing BarryCare when it was the same as RomneyCare and the putting people out of jobs as a corporate raider did come into play. Romney showed his true lack of grit in the last 6 weeks when he all but disappeared on the campaign trail. Now, 4 years later, he wants back in the game?

So, what have we learned? The establishment does not know squat about the people who vote. Here are some realities the GOP needs to learn:

  • Personality and passion wins elections. Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Barry O had it – their opponents did not.
  • Americans want someone to fight for them, whether it is for domestic issues or abroad. Bill and Barry have won on domestic issues and Bush won re-election on keeping the US safe after 9-11-01. Now, whether this is actually true or not, it is the perception of the American voter in the booth that counts.

Because of the failure of past nominees and because the Republican controlled Congress has lost its spine, the voters for the GOP have had enough.

This is what has fueled the rise of Trump & Cruz, as well as Carson and Fiorina when they were in the race.  Carson and Fiorina are out because they lacked the qualities I have pointed out. Trump and Cruz have personality, have passion, and Americans believe they will fight for them. If policy and experience were the trigger, Kasich would have been leading since New Hampshire.

So, GOP leadership, hear me on this: let the voters decide on who they want. Don’t even try to steal it at the convention, because people like me will be there to hunt you down and expose you for what you really are. Last time I checked, vampires don’t like the light.


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Don’t Poke the Bear

I’m not sure that Hell froze over, but I am pretty certain I saw a pig fly today.

That would make about as much sense as the Department of Education’s decision regarding the Illinois Township High School District 211 and their treatment of a transgender teen. Apparently, the school has been working its best to accommodate a transgender “girl” for quite some time. Allowing the student to participate in girls’ sports, use the girl’s restrooms, and even setting up facilities next to the girl’s locker room for this student to change.

Oh, but apparently that was not enough…. This “girl” wanted to change in the same locker room with real girls, thus exposing real girls to the transgender’s true genital being. So, this “girl” got the ACLU to sue on “her” behalf and now the DOE says the school district has discriminated.

Good God….

OK, let’s air this out. If you want to be homosexual, go ahead. Not going to change my world. You want to be a boy and look like a girl – this nation will allow it. HOWEVER, don’t try to gloss over the fact that while you have the genitals of a male, you are still a MALE. You are not FEMALE. Until and unless you have the reason you are male removed, that is your categorization and thus the reasoning for my sarcastic definition of “girl” in this article. Don’t care what the liberal states classify you as or what the jackasses at the DOE do to back up that classification. FYI – transgender lifestyle does contradict with how God created you. The body parts are not interchangeable like Lego’s. You are male until you have the surgery. So if you are a Sal and want to be a Sally – get the procedure done. Simple enough. After that, I would have no issue with that person then changing in the same locker room with the girls and would recognize that person as female.

For disclosure, one of my 4 kids is a teenage daughter. The last thing that I would allow is for a boy to change in the locker room with her. The lengths I would go to as a father to not allow this to happen are not for discussion. However, I can assure you that whatever action I would take in prevention of this act of lunacy, my stance would not be in the minority of action of parents in America. So, sorry LGBT community and sorry DOE – you’re wrong on this one. You folks that support the DOE decision today need to understand something – America is a nation that as a rule is tolerant and willing to avoid conflict to keep peace. But there are invisible lines that you just don’t cross. Forcing females to be exposed to males in a locker room because a person feels “discriminated” against because their sexual orientation conflicts with nature crosses that line. While America supports people in their decision to decide their sexual orientation, the reality is that the LGBT section of the US is not a majority of America. As such, to rearrange the law to accommodate such a small percent of the population is managing to the exception. The principles of a democratic republic were designed to manage to the masses while protecting the downtrodden. In my opinion, this accommodation for a transgender teen is not warranted and will have far-reaching impact around the nation. This accommodation violates the majority here by forcing teenage girls to be forced to be in the same room with a male during the change of clothes. If you truly support that position, you need clinical help. I think this is a decision that should and will be litigated. Once it reaches SCOTUS, I doubt if even the current liberal status of the Supremes would agree with this decision.

This decision also draws a great big arrow to the fact that no matter how tolerant the American citizenry is to the LGBT community, it just never seems to be enough. Even so, the majority of America wants to genuinely make the LGBT community feel accepted. We have been polite, attempted to avoid confrontation, and in general have tried to be accommodating. It has reached a point that those in the LGBT community can’t have a debate on their issues: they want to force feed their issues down the throats of heterosexuals by bullying, engaging in attacks on those with a voice for heterosexuals, and trying to silence critics with cries of discrimination.

I compare it the idiot camper coming across a hibernating bear. The camper is fascinated with the size and potential ferocity of the bear, but still feels compelled to get a stick and see if the bear moves when poked. The other campers warn the idiot to knock it off, but the idiot feels safe in its knowledge that it knows just how much to poke without waking the bear. Confident it can determine how much the bear can take before waking, the idiot camper keeps on poking until eventually it wakes up one seriously pissed off and very hungry bear.

A very pissed off and very hungry bear…..

So here is a warning.

Stop poking the bear.

Eventually the bear gets up and devours the idiot camper that has been poking them and then defecates them off a long, tall cliff.


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He is Risen, So Brothers and Sisters Why Do You Sleep?


This weekend Christians celebrate the most holy of events – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While the life and times of Jesus are amazing, his death offers hope to all who believe and have faith.

Now I mix two verses in the title to grab attention. Luke 24: 6 “He is not here, but is risen!” refers to the two men in shining garments talking to the followers of Christ who had come to the tomb and did not find his body. Just as powerful is Luke 22:46 where upon returning to the 12 disciples from prayer at the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ find them sleeping from sorrow and proclaims  “Why do you sleep? Rise and pray, lest you enter into temptation.”

He IS Risen!

So brothers and sisters, why do you sleep? Are you asleep in your faith in God and his son Jesus Christ? Are you asleep in involvement with your family and making it a Christ centered home? Are you asleep in attacks on Christianity and its teachings, both verbally and physically, around the globe?

In full disclosure, as a sinner and believer, I have been in and out of sleep throughout my life. However, I have never been more awake than I am now.

In faith in the Resurrection, there is hope for what lies beyond this plane of existence. I have watched just about every movie that depicts the life and death of Jesus. Some are better than others. “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly is OK. I thought some details were left out that should have been included. I do think this version probably has an actor that is more likely what Christ really looked like. Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ”  I personally find the best, yet most horrific in its depiction of the violence Jesus went through. I cannot watch the scourging scene…. Once was enough to paint a lasting picture in my mind. As a father of 4, 3 of which are sons, I must confess that I do not have the strength to sacrifice any of my children for any greater good. I am selfish here. When I think of the pain that God, the father, must have went through to sacrifice Jesus for our sins….. It is unbearable. God gave this sacrifice so that you and I and any that have faith will live forever!

That is something to get excited about!

So my brothers and sisters – wake up from the slumber. Shape your family and community. Stand up for our beliefs. Speak the truth in the word of God. If you find that you are so far off the path that you need help and have no one to sturdy your feet, contact me and I will direct someone to you.

And remember – HE IS RISEN!

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Smelling a Dead Possum

One Dead Possum

Chances are at sometime in your life, you have come across a dead critter that has baked in the sun for a bit. The stench penetrates your nostrils and usually your stomach tends to turn.

I keep tripping over a dead possum. This critter died in 2007 and did not get buried until 2010. Somehow it keeps getting dug back up to bake in the sun. Of course, I am referring to the critter of Possum Kingdom Lake.

I had enough of this carcass in 2011 in my 3 part blog –,, and I told you about the issue on water flow, electric rates, and misuse of bond funds. I was on the trail of the scandal surrounding the sale of lake front property at PK Lake involving the Brazos River Authority (BRA), but I did not hit the mark. Good thing someone else kept on the trail….

Gent by the name of John Marshall completed the puzzle of scandal with the complete details of the taxpayer screwing on the sale of the PK Lake property in his book Playing Possum – Tale of the River Card Round I , and  – The Texas Miracle – Tale of the River Card Round II. The first is available online at Barns & Noble. The second is exclusive to his site . The site is being updated, so if you do not see the story the first time, keep checking back. In short, the bill that allowed the sale of the property was not even law when the BRA sold the land. The deal itself – whew! What a steal! No current appraisal to gauge value (one was ordered, but never given time to be completed). Completely ignoring a report from the Staubach Company in 2006. Potential misuse of insider information between the buyer and a BRA appointee….. There is more and it’s a mess.

Now comes along a report from the State Auditors Office on the Brazos River Authority from Fall 2014. Don’t personally know the fella that penned this report, Mr. John Keel, but I think his research skills are either tainted or he is completely full of crap. There are 5 chapters of focus –  Chapter 4 hones in on PK Lake.  Not only is there written testimony on my blog from former BRA Pres Chris DeCluitt that refutes these findings, I have personally seen the receipts on the work that had been done on the hydros when I was there in 2010.  The 3.8 mill was missing, but work had been performed on the units. It was not easy and I spent a day at BRA headquarters going over data, but in the end it could only be surmised that the units were in damn good condition.  I am re-attaching the admission of Chris DeCluitt from 2010. I am also attaching the application and approval order of Brazos Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC) to takeover the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license that the BRA had in 2008 for PK Lake. This document is FERC’s approval of the contracts between BEPC and the BRA and allowed them to move forward. Find it real unusual that BRA would represent to FERC in 2008 that the units were good enough to transfer a license, but have an audit directly contradict this. What Keel has penned regarding this chapter, in my opinion, is nothing short of fraud.

Audit of the BRA 2014


P-1490-046 (BEPC Power License @ PK)

Here is the question – why put forth such obvious bs?

So, you get the audit and the two other docs. Read the audit and read the other docs. Then go back and re-read my blogs on this. Then read John Marshall’s writing. When you review it all, I have a feeling that you will smell the same stench I do now.

Hell, maybe someone will perform and autopsy on this critter now……

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Unfit for Command

My rants against Barry Obama are well documented since his reign of terror began in 2009. Political repayment, re-writing of the law ( have you forgotten the reshuffling of GM stock for Big Labor?), the Fast & Furious Scandal, the IRS scandal, NSA scandal, Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap, etc., etc., etc. This period in history will be known for when the Press abandoned their First Amendment responsibility and the Democrat party checked their spine into cold storage. I am sure they will find it when a Republican reclaims the Presidency, albeit with no credibility. The sheer volume of crimes committed in this Administration would have thought some Senate D’s would have had the brass nads to do the right thing for the nation and support impeachment. Perhaps to even pressed the House to file the Articles to rid the country of this clown. Alas….

When the Republican’s wiped up the floor with the Dems this past November, the impeachment topic started to rise and then ebb. My personal thoughts were to ride the last 2 years out on this moron and then get the investigations done on Barry and his cronies. Facts don’t go away, but statute of limitations do impact prosecutions.

However, there is a point where you have to ask if the process of impeachment and all the garbage it entails is worth removing the man-child to further save the nation and the globe from the impact of his decisions. A leader must be physically and mentally fit for duty. Our nation requires all civil servants to protect the Constitution and citizens of the US. I believe Barry crossed a line of his fitness for command based on his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast. Now I am not saying the comments alone crossed the line, but when you combine his 6 year track record and now these comments, an argument can be made that the sitting POTUS Barry O is unfit for command and should  relieved of his duties.

I don’t think anyone doubts now that Barry is a Muslim. By the way – that is not a crime. I would have preferred him being honest about it and I really don’t think it would have mattered in the 2008 election if he had told the truth. The Press was in the tank for Barry and had he admitted he was Muslim, I think they would have still dug in to gloss him over. He has made no short list of his criticisms of America since his swearing-in and dismissing the idea of American Exceptionalism. That was just a warning shot.

When you look back at the hell or high water decision to get the US out of Iraq and announcing a date for all the terrorists to set their clock to, you start asking why? I am not in dispute that we needed to tie up affairs in a region that will always be at war, but it could have been handled better. Every prediction made that would occur when the US set a withdrawal date has thus come to pass. Credit the rise of ISIS to Barry’s handling of Iraq. So was the withdrawal just making good on a campaign promise or his personal view the US did not belong in Muslim lands?

Why pass on the chance to help the Iranian people during the Arab Spring?

Why did Barry negotiate with terrorists and do a 5 for 1 swap for Bowe Bergdahl?

Why does the Obama White House refuse to call the Fort Hood Shootings in 2009 an Act of Terror when it is clear they are?

Why can’t this President clearly call radical Islamic Terrorist what they are?

Maybe it is because Barry is an Islamic Terrorist sympathizer because deep ( or maybe not so deep) down Barry supports and admires the jihad against America…

As President, POTUS is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. So in addition to protecting the citizens of the US and the Constitution, you have to make decisions in the best interest of the nation for our troops. When your personal beliefs contradict those oaths taken and comments and decisions place US Troops and her citizens in harm’s way, you are not only unfit for command, you are a traitor. Traitors should not be allowed to be POTUS.

Invoking the Crusades and other foibles in Christianity and comparing them to modern-day terrorist acts is insane. I am not excusing crimes committed a 1000 years ago, but the last time I checked, Christians evolved from these periods. Radical Islam not only still exists in Neanderthal times, but the weapons available to these nut jobs far exceed even the most technologically advanced weapons of a 1000 years ago. The Radical Islamists call the US the Crusaders, referring to the slaughter committed by the Knights Templar during the Crusades to reclaim Jerusalem. So Barry the Bozo not only galvanized Radical Islam in their title of choice for the US, but he is playing directly into the hands of our enemy by giving them a massive propaganda promotion that can be used to recruit, fundraise, and direct terror towards the US and her allies. His comments will result in the deaths of our troops and innocent civilians when terrorists will claim legitimacy was granted by the President of the United States.

Were this 6 years ago, you might have given Barry a Mulligan for being a naïve idiot. Today, combined with his track record, it is not difficult to surmise that at the very least the POTUS is a Islamist Terrorist sympathizer and at the very worst a terrorist plant…..

In any case, Barry has crossed a line. He has violated his Oath of Office and has blood all over his hands with more to come.

He is unfit for command and unfit to remain in the office of President of the United States.


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Celebrating the King of Kings

When you gather with friends and loved ones today, remember that there is a reason for the season.

A prophecy foretold of God’s word to man.

The heavens gave the sign of blessed arrival with the Star of Bethlehem.

Three kings followed the sign to praise what would be the King of Kings.

They brought gifts showing praise and reverence.

On this day, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came into the world.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

So my message this Christmas Day is short and sweet – live, love, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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